Lil rebel ~ one direction

Hi I'm Yolanda I'm an orphan and well read and find more stuff out about me and how I get adopted by zayn Malik . Oh and forgot to mention I'm a lil rebel


2. Chapter two

  ---Chapter two---  (Yolanda's  pov) ok so who would have known they were going to adopt me but who is the main one that adopted me. Any ways  once we got in the car every thing was silent  untilI decided to talk. "So who is the one that adopted me,"I said trying to find out. " I adopted you Yolanda," zayn said." As a brother or dad," i said a little more curios." I adopted you as my sister ," he said I just nodded than got my I pod and started playing angry bird. "Ahh just die you fucking pigs how," i accidentally screamed out loud . Last thing I remember is that  every body was laughing their butts off and I was just looking at them like if they're some stupid maniacs. "And I thought I was weird," I mummbeld trying not to let them hear but failed. "What you say little girl," Louis said trying to be sassy which he is. "I said and I thought I was weird oh and I'm not a little girl dud," I responded mocking him. It was actually funny he put his hands above his chest acting afonded and the guys trying to hold their laughter but failed. " si y yo soy la q es la loca ," I said in Spanish .  "What did you say," they all said at th same time and looking like if they saw an alien .  "I said in spanish yes and I'm the crazy one," I said getting my phone out and getting on Facebook And lucky me my crush send me message yay.Once I read the text a huge and when I say huge I mean huge smile spreaded across my face it read ' hey Yolanda I miss you wish you were here <3'   I was about to text back but then Liam had to snatch my phone out of my hand and read the text . While I was trying to get my phone the boys holded me back and saw the text . Once they finished they started texting back. " Give me my fucking phone now and you better not text him  or you will regret it in your sleep," I said getting pretty pissed. " oh yea what you gonna do ," I heard Harry say as he said that I smirked . "Ok if you send some thing you well regret it oh and remember Harry I like to play pranks and I come up with good ones I'm just warning," I said then they gave me my phone. "Oh my fucking gosh you asked him this shit damn it he will never want to talk to me oh and yet he answers you," I said once again pissed of and then Harry takes my phone and reads whatever he texted . "You guys are so going to get it ," I said but not to nial because he was trying to calm me down and was pretty scared and didn't know what was going on since we've been at their house for like three hours and he was at his room. So I'll only get revenge on Harry Liam Louis and zayn .  I already knew what to do ....               ~~~~~~~~~~that night ~~~~~~~~~~

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