Lil rebel ~ one direction

Hi I'm Yolanda I'm an orphan and well read and find more stuff out about me and how I get adopted by zayn Malik . Oh and forgot to mention I'm a lil rebel


1. Chapter one

   ---chapter one---   (Yolanda's pov)    Hey my name is Yolanda. I'm a rebel I'm not afraid of anything anymore I don't look for trouble trouble looks for me. I'm only 12 years old I do cuss a lot. I'm a Mexican and I'm also orphan. " all 10 to 14 year old girls  come to the lobby," said the lady that owns the orphanage I keep forgetting  her name so I just call her miss." Way ahead of you,"I said as I took a bit out of my apple. "Yes now get in order of oldest to youngest ," miss said sence all the other got here . I wonder who's coming today to adopt miss said they were singers but didn't said exactly who." Oh my god it's one direction oh my god," I heard all the girls that were here scream  like really my ears are about to fucking explode. We'll it didn't take long for them to shut their yappers and for the guys to start  talking to the girls. Each one went to a different group Liam to 14 year olds, zayn to 13, Harry to 12, Louis to 11 and nial to all the 10 year olds . Lucky for them there is only 5 girls in every group. Harry finished talking talking to all the other girls and got to me. " hi what's your name," he asked in his thick British accent. "My name is Yolanda but my friends call me yoyo," I said but with a frown remembering every thing that happen but yet not getting my eyes watery. " why do your friends call you yoyo," he asked like if it was some thing weird which is. "well it all started with my best friend brother called me that on the bus then my friend called me that at school sense  then  all my friends call me yoyo,"I said now kinda getting a smile. " so tell me little more about your self ." He said a little curios . " well I've only been an orphan for a week now I'm a Mexican-your a Mexican can you speak Spanish can you make tacos " I got interup but went on." Yes to both of those question and before I got interrupted I'm a lil rebel I like to pull pranks on people yes I do cuss a lot but only when I'm worried exited freaked out or mad  I do fighting so if any body tries to hit me or do a perverted move I can fight back and if someone says crap about me or the people I care for I talk back and I don't let myself down easily and my favorite band is 5 seconds of summer and fav song good enough by little mix and fav color is blue ," I said as I scratched my neck for an on known reason. "well good for talking and bye got to go," Harry said as he went walking to his lads .       (Harry's pov) we got here to the orphanage to find a girl for zayn to adopt . We been to three other orphanages but all the girls either fan girl or are to girly . But I think that Yolanda is the right girl. " hey guys I think I found the right girl ," I said to the lads. " ok  tell us about her" Louis said. " ok she's Mexican she can talk Spanish she's a rebel favorite color is blue fav band is 5 seconds of summer

 and her name is Yolanda but some people call her yoyo," I said to them. " ok we found the perfect girl ," they all said . " so does that mean you're adopting her zayn?" I asked a little to happy. " yes I am," zayn said mocking me  . He went to sign the papers for adoption . Once he was finished we went and told her to pack her stuff . She finally came back with a medium size suit case a skate board and a guitar." You didn't tell me you played guitar and road a skate board,"I said a little shocked." About the skating I forgot ,and the guitar I don't tell many people and I'm learning how to play it ," she  said kinda sad at the last part.  


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