Lil rebel ~ one direction

Hi I'm Yolanda I'm an orphan and well read and find more stuff out about me and how I get adopted by zayn Malik . Oh and forgot to mention I'm a lil rebel


3. Chapter 3

----chapter three------- (Yolanda's pov).  Ok so I'm  staying  up all night till the guys are a sleep which is till now . I got out of my bed and went to Niall's room why well the guys ate his food and he ended up wanting to help me prank them. Ok so any way I went into Niall's room and wake him and he didn't listen so I did what I do best . I smacked him right on the cheek hard enough to not leave a red hand print but just to wake him up. Once he got up we went to Liam's room ." Ok so what do we do to Liam ," Niall asked. "We'll I why don't we put makeup on him ,"I said taking my make up kit my mom gave me when she was still alive  . "Wait , what is Liam scared of mostly of?" I asked putting lipstick on Liam ." He's scared of spoons ." "Ok then nial go bring all the spoons here while I try to finish the make up." I told and he ran to the kitchen fast . By the time he came back I was finished, and then we took off Liam's blanket and put the spoons around him then covered him up and went to Harry's room . All the guys had there on bathrooms so I went to his and emptied his shampoo out and replaced it neon green hair dye instead. Once done that we went up to Harry and straighten his curls . Once done with him we went to Louis's room  . For Louis we just drew on his face with different color sharpies and did the same with the shampoo  but instead of neon green it was hot pink. Once done with that we went to zayn I wrote on his forehead baby bro and also put make up on his face and once again did the shampoo thing but now I did it with bright red. Once I me and Niall were done we went to sleep.    ~~~~6:00am~~~~  I woke upend went to the kitchen to make pancakes all the boys are asleep so I just started to make the batter . Then Niall came down and saw me making pancakes he look shocked. " hey earth to Niall ," I said over and over he finally answers ," you can coo ?" Is al he asks / says . "yes, I can cook , actually I could cook when I was about 6 or 7," i said earning another shocked look . The pancakes are done and its 7:30 the boys have to be up for either 8 or 8:30. I gave Niall his pancakes when we hear four loud and girly really girly screams . Then came  out Lou , harry, and Zayn with kinda mad yet they wanted to laugh at each other . We were there all silent until Louis breaks the silence and says ," hey where is Liam ." When he says that me and Niall run to our rooms while the three of them go to Liam's room to cheek on him . They are now all in the kitchen . Me and Niall got out ran to the kitchen got our pancakes and ran for our lives . Sadly zayn and Louis one door while Harry and Liam covered the other and Niall pointed at each other and in the same time said ," she/he did it!" We are in deep deep shit oh well I'll take the blame after I was the master mind. " ok ok I did but one thing y'all can't be mad cause it was payback  for taking my phone and texting people ,oh and also y'all might want to take a shower after what I put in your hair and your faces ," I said . Me they left and took a shower and I went to get changed and did my hair and make up .

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