Agent IX

This is an Avenger fanfiction. *WARNING cursing and violence*
In this fanfiction, the Avengers have departed. But Nicholas 'Nick' Fury sends Signy, daughter of Thor, to recruit certain teens who would make perfect additions to the newest Avengers, for a very special mission. Her first stop? Blake. Mutant daughter of Wolverine.
(Blake and Ace are FallenAngel2014; Signy is Ray Grayglory)


6. TJ

I was in the lab with my dad when I hear some people upstairs. I say to dad with a smirk on my face, "We have company.". Dad says, "It's just Clint and his daughter here to pick up the weapons.". I walk upstairs and tell Clint, "Dad's on his way up to give you the weapons.". Clint's daughter notches an arrow and aims it at me after Clint meets with Dad in the kitchen to talk, while I'm stuck with Clint's daughter.

"What's up , Pr*ck? she asks, as I smile. Then she asks, "You serioulsy think it's funny that I could kill you?". I laugh at her and then say, "I know you can't hurt me. You don't hurt good guys. Oh, and not much, Barton.". "What makes you good, Stark, and my name isn't 'Barton' it's 'Kate'.". The wind is whipping her hair even though she has it in a ponytail. Dad and Clint are still talking as am I with Kate. "Oh maybe it's because I'm amazing, and by the way I'm TJ, not 'Stark'.".

"Full of yourself aren't you, TJ? It's a good thing Fury doesn't need you on the team. Signy is a very good substitute.". I'm angry, I don't even smirk at her comment I just say, "Signy's on there and NOT ME? HOW THE H*LL DID THAT HAPPEN? WHEN THE H*LL DID IT HAPPEN? FURY LET HER ON THE TEAM?".

"YOU ARE NOT GETTING THE WEAPONS, NOW, GET THE H*LL OUT!" I yell. Kate shakes her head which angers me more. My suit powers up and I aim at her. The blast shakes the suit like an earthquake. Kate lays on the ground weak and kind of disoriented while I stand there laughing my a** off. I hear Clint yell at Dad, "YOUR D**N SON SHOT MY DAUGHTER! KATE DIDN'T EVEN MAKE ANY THREATS TO HIM!".

My dad shrugs, but hands Clint the bows. Clint drops them at his feet, then walks over to Kate. Clint says, "If I had known Kate would have gotten hurt, I would not have brought her with me.". Dad gives me his WHAT-THE-H*LL look and I stop laughing. Dad picks up the bows and hand them to Clint and with a smile says, " I'm not a self centered d*ck that you all made me out to be, Don't make assumptions next time, you know I did used to fight for you, Hawkeye.". Clilnt helps Kate up. Kate is already looking better. They take off towards the balcony.

I hear Clint say to Kate, "Let's go find Fury and give these to him. Never pick a fight with TJ. He was given his abilities and they could one day severely hurt you.". Then they both jump off the balcony and beginsliding down zip lines. I power down my suit and then Dad says, "That was completely uncalled for Anthony James.".

Ugh, I hate my real name. That's why I prefer 'TJ'.  I let JARVIS help take off the suit and then suddenly fall to my knees; I see a boy about my age, he's wearing a hoodie, jeans, and combat boots. He's talking to someone that looks like my dad's friend Luke Cage. I put my hand on the sides of my head. I ask myself 'What the h*ll just happened?'.



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