Agent IX

This is an Avenger fanfiction. *WARNING cursing and violence*
In this fanfiction, the Avengers have departed. But Nicholas 'Nick' Fury sends Signy, daughter of Thor, to recruit certain teens who would make perfect additions to the newest Avengers, for a very special mission. Her first stop? Blake. Mutant daughter of Wolverine.
(Blake and Ace are FallenAngel2014; Signy is Ray Grayglory)


1. Signy

Tumdner gleams from her position on the shelf. She calls for me, for my touch. I can hear her sweet whispers. I watch her sharp edges glint, before taking to my feet. I take her hilt in my hand, watching the light reflect of her. The beautiful sword is quite magnificent.

She retakes her rightful place on the shelf, though her and I both wish to be in battle. In mind, the quickening heartpace, and rush of victory is all it should take for the itch of a victorius battle cross my wantings. Already I can feel the sweet sense of a long awaited victory. Though, I have not had one. Father has not allowed me to battle. Not since last experience, is the first thing that crosses my mind, for that is what father always tells me, deciding I am not worthy yet to even start my Asgardian training.

"Daughter?" I can hear my father call, his voice is not angered, or joyed. It is a nuetral version of both. A sigh escapes my lips, thankfulness filling me when father doesn't hear. I am filled with joy when he is proud of me. A sigh would not help my image. "Signy? Daughter, there is someone her who would like your acquaintance." Father continues. I look in the fogged mirror for a millisecond, catching a glimpse of my golden locks.

"Yes, Father? Who is here?" I ask, catching my Father's gaze. He then turns to look at an older man, his skin a dark color. His ensemble is all dark grey, or black, casting the impression that he is a serious man. I stare at his face, which consists of one dark brown, almost black colored eye, the other hidden bye a dark patch.

"You know Colonel Nicholas Fury, do you not, Signy?" Father asks me, and I search through the database that is my mind, searching for a memory where I have made his acquaintance. I remember, a year ago, when he came to visit my father. I give a curt nod to both of them. That's when Mr. Fury decides to open his mouth and start speaking.

"Well, Ms. Signy, I have a mission for you. You father finally approved it. You're going to New York, to recruit one of our newest team. Her name's Blake, and she's the daughter of a certain mutant named Wolverine." He says, and I stare both aghast and in awe at this man, as he speaks so differently from us. He looks much different, as well.

"I do not know who this daughter of Wolverine, Blake is. And where is this York of New located?" Questions fill my humble mind, as this man looks at me, his arms crossed over his chest. He opens his mouth again to speak. 

"You can find who she is. It's pretty easy. And, anyway, why don't you just use a GPS? Wouldn't that work?" He continues, as I am clearly exhausting his patience. Father smiles nervously, before I start to speak.

"What is this GPS, you speak of? Is it some kind of magical device? Or is it like Mjolnir or Tumdner? Only those proved worthy can use it?" Allow myself to question him. A small, sideways smile appears on the Fury's face, before he turns to father. Father is looking more nervous than before, as Fury confronts him.

"Thor! She doesn't even know what a GPS is? How is she supposed to be on the team? She should know how to use these things! " Fury exclaims, father now on his nerves. My brows furrow, as I watch my father take his turn to talk.

"We have no need of location tracking devices here! We are asgardians! I am a god, and she is a goddess! She does not have any a need for something of little use to her like that! Why do you not just take her?" Father asks him. Fury seems to let the idea tumble in his mind, before nodding to both me and father. He gives father a look. "Signy, go put on right clothing for this occasion. Your battle ensemble. Do not forget to bring Tumdner. She will be an essential ally. For she is not only a sword."

Running, my toes slightly brush the ground. Taking to my quarters, I smile a geniune smile of pure excitment at Tumdner. I can almost see her smile back. My outfit is changed into a clothed battle skirt, metal cut into the edges. A sleeved top consists of the same materials used foe the skirt, as the crowning jewel is placed atop my flowing locks. My winged headband, fashioned off of my father's helmet. 

Finishing my preperations, I take Tumdner's hilt in my hand, sheathing her. The cold metal is where it belongs, at my side. A shiver runs down my spine, as I take off to my father and Fury. I will finally be able to feel the joy of glorius battle. 

Fury is waiting for me. Without thinking, I run to my father's arms, squeezing him tightly. I am shocked at my own actions, though father gave me a squeese back. Again, I smile, as Fury starts tapping his foot. I let go, and father is smiling, too. I am led to a vehicle. I step in, Fury taking the control. 


I slowly fall into a deep sleep, the bore of doms consuming me.

A girl my age is sitting on a ground. Messing with Tumdner. With an angry flourish, I will Tumdner into my hands. Running at the girl, I see her face stricken with horror. Long, metalic claws detract from her knuckles, and I am lost in my tracks. She stares at me, and I do the same. 

My eyes open, hours of sleep taking in that miniscule scene of imagination. I realize that Fury has parked the vehicle, and we are supposed to be getting out, now. I scramble my way to the door, seeing the girl from my dream. Fury has taken up coverstation with a man in a purple and yellow suit. The girl looks up, and I realize she was talking to a boy. My sparkling blue eyea scour for anyone else but I happen to knkw that ragged girl, sitting on the floor, is Blake. The one I need to get.

"You are daughter Blake, of mutant Wolverine, are you not? I am here to recruit you for the great new Avenger team." I explain, and a scowl crosses her face.

"Why the h*ll are you talking like that?" She asks, and I am enraged, fury filling every morsel of my soul.

"I AM AN ASGARDIAN GODDESS! YOU DARE TALK TO ME LIKE I AM SOME STUPID GIRL! YOU MORTAL MUTANT SCUM!" I yell at her, and Fury gets in between us, as Blake snickers. 

"Well, I'm not going without Ace, over here." She orders, and Fury nods his head.

"I guess we have another member. Welcome, Blake, Ace and Signy to the Avengers. Next up are Jake, Haily and Kate."

The boy from before, the one who uses cards for battle, walks towards me, tapping me lightly on my broad shoulder. I look at him, furious with Blake. "Yes, what is it, boy with the cards of battle?" I question, when he whispers.

"Hey, can you sit up front with Fury? I need to talk with Blake, and I'm sorry for the way she acted." He explains, and I gratefully move up to the front. I stare at the outside lf the glass window, still fuming at the girl. At least the boy was nice enough to apologize for her.

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