Agent IX

This is an Avenger fanfiction. *WARNING cursing and violence*
In this fanfiction, the Avengers have departed. But Nicholas 'Nick' Fury sends Signy, daughter of Thor, to recruit certain teens who would make perfect additions to the newest Avengers, for a very specail mission. Her first stop? Blake. Mutant daughter of Wolverine.
(Blake and Ace are FallenAngel2014; Signy is Ray Grayglory)


6. Jake/Kate


The girl from my preminition falls to the ground. I run out of the car, to her crumpled body on the ground. Her hair lays around her, her dad looking at her, his jacket over her. I crouch down next to her, hearing her regged breaths. Dad has started talking to her dad.

"I'm Jake. Jake Rogers. You are?" I ask, holding out my hand to her. She takes it, and I help her up. Her eyes show gratefulness, as kids just continue to stare. The girl smiles.

"I'm Haily. Haily Banner. And she is the Hulk. Well, She-hulk II. My dad was the hulk. Still is. And my aunt is she-hulk. So I'm the second." She says, and I nod. Dad stops talking to the man, her dad, and walks over.

"Jake, I'd like to introduce you to Bruce Banner. I see you've already met his daughter." Dad says, I nod. He turns to Haily. "I'm Steve Rogers. I'm Jake's dad. You must be Haily." Dad says, shaking her hand. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a girl walking toward us. She has broad shoulders, and broad features, her blonde hair capped with a silver headband. She carries a sword, as she walks over.

"Are you The captain who saves America?" She asks, looking toward dad. He nods his head, as a guy with dark features follows behind him. Two other people follow, a girl and a boy. "Terrific! I have come to recruit your son, the boy of widow and America! And, I supsect you are the girl who turns to the beastly girl version of the hulk? I am in need of your alliance for the newest group of Avengers!" She says, raising her sword. 

"Don't call me that." Haily mutters, but isn't heard. The girl just laughs, before smiling a broad smile. She must be happy about something.

"Your Thor's girl, aren't you?" Dad asks. She smiles an even broader smile, letting out another laugh.

"Yes! I am the daughter, Signy, of the asgardian god Thor! And I have come to recruit your children!" She says, now talking to bith of them. Banner shakes his head, and the girl's face drops. 

"Haily can't control her powers. She can't. Don't make her go." He says, and Haily defiantly stands next to the girl, Signy. Apperently she's going. And so am I.



My arrow stays pointed at the stupid little rich kid, as I circle around him. A smirk lays on his face, as if he thinks it's funny that I could impale his head at the move of a hand, the release of a string... a girl can fantasize, can't she?

"What's up, Pr*ck?" I ask, as a full smile spread on his lips. "You seriously think it's funny that I could kill you?" I ask, and he laughs. I stare at him, in awe as how slmeone could be so relatively stupid. Some peopel, I swear...

"I know you would never hurt me. You don't hurt the good guys. Oh, and nothing much, Barton." He says, I lower my defences for about a millisecond, before returning to my stance. He smiles, and my brows furrow, angrily.

"What makes you so good, Stark? And my name's Kate." I reply, and he laughs again. The wind whips at my hair, which is sturdily tied in a tail. My eyes focus, as I stare down the path of the arrow, landing straight at Stark's heart. Father is still talking to Tony, as I continue conversation with this spoiled brat.

"Oh, maybe that I'm amazing. By the way, It's TJ." He says, and I reply in a retort. 

"Full of yourself, aren't you, Stark? Great thing Fury doesn't need the likes of you on the team. But the asgardian princess will be a well enough substitute."  TJ looks angry, now, not even a trace of a smile on his face. 

"The goddess is on the team? AND NOT ME? How did that happen? Fury let the asgardian on the team!?" He exclaims, and I nod my head. "You're definitely not getting those bows, now. Get out of here!" He yells. I shake my head, which jist angers him. His suit powers up, and he shoots a blast at me. I lay on the ground, weakened. I hear TJ laughing, and father yelling at Tony.

"HE SHOT HER! SHE DIDN'T THREATEN HIM!" Dad yells. I can faintly see Tony shrug, but tossing dad the bows. Father tosses them to his feet, walking over to me. "If I had known she would've gotten hurt, I wouldn't have come." He says. Tony looks at TJ, who has syopped laughing. Tony still gives dad the bows, smiling.

"I'm not always the self-centered d*ck you guys made me out to be. Next time, don't make assumptions. I did fight along side you, you know." He says. My dad helps me up, as I am already feeling better. We take off running, the bows in hand. But these aren't just any old bows.

"Let's try to find Furym and get these to him. And don't you ever pick a fight with TJ. I'm not saying you don't have great abilities, it's just his were given to him. They could severly hurt you without warning. Just be careful." Dad says, as we run off in the night.

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