Agent IX

This is an Avenger fanfiction. *WARNING cursing and violence*
In this fanfiction, the Avengers have departed. But Nicholas 'Nick' Fury sends Signy, daughter of Thor, to recruit certain teens who would make perfect additions to the newest Avengers, for a very special mission. Her first stop? Blake. Mutant daughter of Wolverine.
(Blake and Ace are FallenAngel2014; Signy is Ray Grayglory)


7. Hunter

I lace up my combat boots, before standing up. I stare in the mirror longer than usual, taking in my features. Darkish skin, dark brown, almost black eyes, and messy hair. The only part that doesn't take after dad. Ruffled black hair.

Zipping up my green hoodie, I grab my mom's old army knife. I stick it in my pocket, before walking out of my mess of a room. I nod at dad, before speaking.

"Dad." I say, before turning to the door. He puts his hand on my shoulder, so I turn to look at him. My eyes meet his.

"Hunter, son, do you have the knife?" He asks. I've become suspended last year for having it, and now, even though I don't go to school anymore, he doesn't allow me to have it. I quickly shake my head, before walking out the door. Dad gives me stern look, before removing his firm grip. I walk out the door.

"God... I don't have much time..." I mutter, under my breath, before breaking into a sprint. Tim  to time, I check my watch, peering past the shattered glass. I don't know how close I am, usually I take bus. But, I missed it. So now, I have to waste my energy.

By the time I reach the arena, one of the security guards named Ray says, "You were almost late, Hunter. Vince was about to cancel the match, Cody's was about to call it quits too.". I nod my head and then say, "Thanks, Ray. I owe ya one.". Ray nods his head and let's me through. Once in the locker room I open a secure case and put the knife in it. It's the only thing that 1.) Reminds me of my mom and well I don't need a second reason. 

I finish with my locker and then head toward the area I need to be in. I hear, Highway to Hell, begin playing. After I walked to the ring and stand there waiting for my opponent I have this weird day dream; I see a boy and a girl in the stands, watching me fight Cody. After the fight the girl jumps the barricade and walks into the ring. That's when we begin to fight. I shake my head and listen to Cody's entrance music. 

The match is over as soon as it starts and I do something absolutely stupid; I challenge the audience, "I will take on anyone who dares fight me!". That's when I see her, the girl from my vision jumping the barricade. She says, "I'll accept your challenge, my friend.".

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