Agent IX

This is an Avenger fanfiction. *WARNING cursing and violence*
In this fanfiction, the Avengers have departed. But Nicholas 'Nick' Fury sends Signy, daughter of Thor, to recruit certain teens who would make perfect additions to the newest Avengers, for a very special mission. Her first stop? Blake. Mutant daughter of Wolverine.
(Blake and Ace are FallenAngel2014; Signy is Ray Grayglory)


4. Haily

I've been up since three this morning. Either I can't sleep or I am to excited to be going to a public school. I've been home schooled since I was about five and I'm eighteen now. So, I do the math in my head and then shake it off. I hear my dad get up.

He comes into the living room and asks, "Do you know it's 5:30 in the morning?". I nod. We both walk into the kitchen and I quickly make him some breakfast. We eat in silence, for about twenty minutes, until Dad asks, "Are you sure you want to go to a public school Haily?".  

"Of course, Dad! I'm going to meet new people..." I stop midsentence and whisper, "Are you afraid SHE will make an appearance?". He nods his head. "Dad,  I will try to keep calm. Though I can't promise much, I do promise to call you if it happens.". After breakfast I run to the bathroom and take a quisck shower, then I run back to my room and put on a pair of jeans, a short sleeve t-shirt, and finally I slip on some flipflops and pull my hair into a messy/frizzy bun. I pick up my glasses case and put it in my book bag beside the door.  

I walk out to the car and about three minutes later before opening the door I have a weird day dream; A girl about my age is standing on a roof, with a man I assume is her father. They leap down and are now standing with two guys. They both have arrows pointed at one of the guys . The older guy must be the dad and the younger one his son. I hear the man with the bow and arrows ask angrily, "Where is it, Stark? I don't have all day!". Stark that last name sounds familiar. "Stark" says, "Easy, Barton. You'll get the things Fury needs.". Barton? Fury?. I'm shaking my head wondering what the h*ll just happened, when Dad asks, "Haily, are you going to get in the car or not?".

I say, "Yeah, Dad, I just had a weird day dream.".  He doesn't ask what it's about, so we drive ten minutes in silence until Dad breaks some good news, "I've got a job at the school your going to. I'm going to be counseling other students one on one about anger issuses. But I wanted to ask you if it was alright.".  "So your asking me if you should say 'yes' but you've already said 'yes', and still want my opinion." I say. "Yes, and yes.". We pull into the teacher's parking lot and walk to the school. As we're about halfway to the door I stop. My dad turns around and stares at me, willing me to come on.

"Who's Barton?". I ask. Dad says, "He's just a friend of mine. Now come on.". He turns to walk off but I stay put and ask, "Who's Fury and Stark?". "Some more friends I know, now can we please-" I cut him off and scream, "YOUR NOT GIVING ME STRAIGHT ANSWERS! YOU NEVER GIVE ME STRAIGHT ANSWERS!".  

We're still on the sidewalk and I'm pretty sure a bunch of the Randolph High Schoolers are staring at us. Dad gets ready to say something, but is cut off when I become an nine foot tall green behemeth. I roar and then I see a car with two guys in it. Dad tries to calm me down and it works. Most of my clothes are shredded so dad lays his 'professor' jacket over me, as I lay on the side walk.

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