Agent IX

This is an Avenger fanfiction. *WARNING cursing and violence*
In this fanfiction, the Avengers have departed. But Nicholas 'Nick' Fury sends Signy, daughter of Thor, to recruit certain teens who would make perfect additions to the newest Avengers, for a very specail mission. Her first stop? Blake. Mutant daughter of Wolverine.
(Blake and Ace are FallenAngel2014; Signy is Ray Grayglory)


3. Ace's POV

Off the team? Wolverine's gotta be kidding right? Blake saved my a** back at the MRD center. I'm Ace, if Blake hasn't already said anything, I'm the son of Gambit (Remy Le Beau) and Rogue (Anna Marie Le Beau). I stand there beside her, listening to Wolverine chew her out on "Disobeying Orders". To me, I don't give a sh*t what went right and what went wrong, but I keep my mouth shut because I know I'm going to hear an earfull from Mom, and Dad's going to take her side on this one. Blake and I take seats next to each other for the rest of the ride home. I can tell Blake's not happy, cause when she's upset she starts shaking, badly. We are at the Mansion moments later. As soon as my "uncle" Beast opens the ramp again, Blake takes of running.

I hear, "Ace Remington Le Beau, get your a** back hear!". Yep, Mom's ticked, I think to myself as I run. I slow down when I reach Blake's door. I knock, but she doesn't answer. I knock again, this time louder. She cracks open the door letting the bolt catch, and from what I can see she's been crying. "What the h*ll you want, Le Beau?!?" she growls. Yep, definitely angry. "Can I come in, Blake? I wanna talk to you." I say. "Why the h*ll should I let you in, Le Beau?".

"Because if you don't I'll blow the d**n door off it's hinges" I half threaten, half bluff. "God, Ace, you don't have to threaten me." she says, finally opening the door. I step in and close the door. "Your dad had no right to call you out like that." I tell her. "Yes he did." she retorts. I do something unexpected, I hug her. After I let go of her, I hear Wolverine at the door.

He says, "Blake Nicole Howlett, we have guests, come out now. You to Ace.". Sh*t, he knows I came up here. Blake opens the door after getting her book bag full of clothes. I run to my room quickly and pack some clothes and rejoin them in the hall. After we walk outside Wolverine tell's us to sit while he talks to Fury. I'm talking to Blake when another girl comes up. Blake stares at her.

The other girl says, "You are daughter Blake, of mutant Wolverine, are you not? I am here to recruit you for the great new Avenger team.". Blake scowls and then says, "Why the h*ll are you talking like that.". I see the other girl get mad and yell "I AM AN ASGARDIAN GODDESS! YOU DARE TALK TO ME LIKE I AM SOME STUPID GIRL! YOU MORTAL MUTANT SCUM!". Fury and I get in between them as Blake begins snickering.

Blake says, "Well I ain't going anywhere without Ace.". I see Fury nod his head. Blake is still fuming mad as she says 'Goodbye' to her dad and as I say 'Goodbye' to mine. The other girl is getting ready to get in one of the back seats, when I whisper, "Can you sit up front with Fury? I need to talk to Blake and I'm sorry for the way she acted.". Blake and I climb in the back and she shakes her head. I can't hear what she's thinking but I don't care, I'm with her.

I quietly say, "Blake" hoping to get her attention. She mouths 'what' and she looks like she's going to cry again. I put both of our bags on the floor and motion for her to scoot close to me since this is a modified humvee. Blake lays her head on my shoulder and begins to fight back sleep. I kiss her forehead and say, "Sleep, Blake it's a long drive.". Not long after I say that to her I fall asleep and I have the weirdest dream; I hear a man yell "Jake!" and "Time to get up!". The boy puts something that looks like a shield in his pocket. He replies to the man "Captin America".


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