Kidnapped by One Direction

About a Girl named Hannah and her story with One Direction


1. Running away

Hannah's POV

Ring.....Ring..... it was my best friend Kayla 



"Oh Hannah that's great." 

"I know you don't like One Direction that much but none of my other friends want to go or they can't go so please can you come?"

"Fine...... You now that I just broke up with Patrick." 

"I know I'm sorry that happened I will see you later at 6:30 bye."


I walked home to see my mom crying and my brother Zach huddling over my mom and My other brother Brandon fighting with my step-dad Clint "MOM What Happened?" I said running over to my mom "He is drunk again." Zach said cleaning up mom again "Get out!" Brandon screamed "You can't tell me what to do in my house." Clint yelled knocking Brandon on his ass. Then the police showed up "What is the problem." the police officer asked "My wife came home and she said she was cheating and then she tripped and I got this little shit who came out of no where and started to hit me and I used self`defense to protect myself and...." Clint said while fake crying "Ok i have heard enough Brandon Naffziger you are under arrest for assault." The police officer said while putting handcuffs Brandon and Leaving. I couldn't handle it anymore I decided to run away. While I was walking I saw five boys jump out and I looked at them and saw they where running right for me.

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