Kidnapped by One Direction

About a Girl named Hannah and her story with One Direction


2. captured

Hannah's POV

"HELP ME!!!!!!!"  I screamed I didn't know what to do five boys where chasing me. When they one of them tackled me.I hit the ground so hard the wind got knocked right out of  me. I was Pissed off I started throwing punches. I hit the guy with the toy story sweatshirt but the guy with curly hair just hel me down"Louis go get the van." said the curly. It was five minutes before the van. When the van pulled up the curly opened the back door "Zayn and Niall carry her over and put her in the van ." I struggled to try to get away from them put they wouldn't let me go "This will be easier if you don't struggle love." Said which i thought the guys said was Louis once they got me in the van curly said "If I'm good I will take off the tape around your mouth." I nodded he took of the tape "HELP ME SOMEONE!" I screamed  "Hey that's not part of the deal" curly said while graping the tape.I had to act quick so I did the only thing I could think of "Owwwwww you bit me!" He screamed pulling his hand away "Harry you ok?" Asked Niall "I'm fine..... but she wont be." Then I felt pain he just slapped me across the face. Then Louis stopped the car and turned to Harry " Harry but something over her face we are here."

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