Falling for everything

one minute everything is fine the next I feel like my life is slowly disappearing. People end up dead. Creatures they thought only existed in horror movies and books slaughter friends and neighbours before their eyes.


2. Why me?

~~Second chapter
Everywhere I looked people were screaming and being massacred. My fingers were trembling repetitively; it was like being inside a Stephen King novel. If I wasn’t scared to death I would have stopped to heave, the visuals around me were unimaginable. The ground was literally being painted red, I swear if another limb…. Oh I had to fight back vomit. Poor Megan was taking in much worse; she was beginning to slow. She was no longer sprinting; she was more or less dragging herself.
“Come on Megan we’re almost there! You can’t give up now! Do you want that to happen to you?” I pointed to a lifeless corpse that laid only maybe ten feet away. It was so messed up I wouldn’t have been able to tell it was a girl if it weren’t for the dress she was wearing. Suddenly Megan screamed at the top of her lungs, my head snapped back to see what was happening. One of the leeches was crouched in front of her. His lips were dripping blood. The red painted his pale skin wildly like her was little more than a beast. I didn’t know what to do; I couldn’t let Megan die. Yet there was nothing I could do. I knew the gate was only maybe fifty feet away we could try to run but…. Could we both outrun a vampire? I was already tired from all of the rides and games, practically dead on my feet. Megan didn’t seem any better.
I was shocked to hear the creature laugh as it came closer to her. She nearly tripped over her own feet trying to put space in between her and it. I looked around hastily trying to find something, anything to help. All at once in a split second the creature launched itself at Megan, she started to scream. The sound of her voice became distant, all around me darkness started to cave in. someone was slowly suffocating me; an iron strong hand was gripping my face, cutting off the airflow for my mouth and nose
This was it; I was dying while watching my best friend die. What a way to go, at the hands of blood thirsty vampires. I wouldn’t even get to find out whether or not Mrs Drean had anything to do with it. Finally the world disappeared and I felt my knees hit the ground. Something inside my head snapped. Why was I giving up? With what little strength I had I pushed up onto my feet. My attacker started to push me back down as a reflex my arms swung back aiming for their face. They were caught. I felt impeccably weak compared to my attacker. It wasn’t fair, why was I dying alone at the hands of a monster? It just isn’t fair!
Trying to remember some of the self-defence tricks I’d learnt last year during a school programme I slung my leg out towards his kneecaps. It did as much good as hitting a stone with a feather. Now my foot ached, great I was going to die with more pain than necessary. “Calm down! I swear you’re going to break yourself!” oh yeah that would be so horrible I was going to die anyway, what? Did he not like his blood bags bruised? Just to piss him off, I wiggled more like a fish out of water. He flipped me around easily to where he had a hold of my wrists but I was now facing him. I was amazed that none of my bones broke in the process he must really be picky how he gets his blood.
Why did vampires have to be so damn freaking hot? He had perfect dark purple hair; it was such an unusual colour. Almost reddish. That was just long enough to touch the middle of his neck, he had striking fern green eyes. His body wasn’t overly built yet you could see the light rolling muscles under his clothes. Everything about him screamed different. He was wearing dark trousers that looked like the fabric was light and soft yet stern, not easy to rip. His shirt reminded me of the Middle East, sort of like a tunic thought it was obvious in his facial features and a voice like that that he was American. How fate turned sour, it still gave me the longer end of the stick how nice.
“What no screaming you’re not going to hit me…” he tilted his head to the left. Oh I’m going to mess with his head, if I was going to die I felt he was going to pay for it. “Oh no, I’m not maybe I’ll take your head off instead. How’s the whether up there?” he was abnormally tall at least 6ft 5 so the insult fit him very well. “Oh lovely, how’s it going down there”. I was shocked the bloodsucker was playing along and I couldn’t quite believe it. “Hmmm a bit dark but I’m not complaining.” He chuckled once. “Oh is that so? Aren’t you just peachy?” I snickered like I give a damn. “Yeah I am. Thought it looks like we’ll be expecting a little red rain soon.” Right on q a little blood splashed on my face. I smiled sarcastically. I stole a glance towards Megan only to find nothing, she was gone as well as the leech all I could think was I hope she’s not in any pain.
Instead there were two new people. A leech and a helpless human, the provider of our red rain. “Such lovely whether to describe dinner.” I shook my head and rolled my eyes. My stomach turned in fear and disgust but I kept the game going. “What can I say, I’m poetic,” he grinned. “As you should be”, what the hell was that supposed to mean? After a minutes pause he began to speak again. “Now we can do this one of two ways. One I can drag you painfully or you can walk willingly.”
“Huh” he raised his eyebrows waiting for my response. I raised my eyebrows in response. Why give up now? The game is just getting good, he started to laugh. “Stubborn aren’t we?” I glared at him. He wasn’t going to win. “Oh…. Is that how it’s going to be? Well that’s too bad.” In a quick movement he throws me over his shoulder. It was really uncomfortable; I was wearing a red and black plaid skirt, it was slightly above my knees, the pervert willingly stuck my legs in front of him while my head hung against his back. Oh the joy. “Put me down” I yelled. He sighed “it’s about time you reacted properly. I was beginning to worry you were developing brain damage from trauma or shock whichever comes first. It made me think why is he so worried about me? “Is that a no then?” I replied. “Well you didn’t really ask a question it was more of a demand but yeah that’s a no.” I growled under my breath, he couldn’t just kill me could he? “Look I’m sure you have a busy schedule as do I. if you’re not going to kill me I have places to be…..” “I’m sure you do. Thought if I let you go Ryain you are going to die.” WTF? How did he know my name…? Now not only is he an evil blood sucking leech he’s now a creepy stalker, evil blood sucking leech. Wow fate sure knows how to pick them anyways I knew he was right. I just didn’t understand why I wasn’t dead yet. I wouldn’t ask though I know eventually I’ll have my answers, there’s no use to get impatient. “You know the shock is now beyond questions, I think I’ll be quiet now.” He chuckled and I swear he rolled his eyes too. He began to walk towards the gate. After a few minutes of silence he became bothered by my lack of speech.
“Hmmmm, how come I have to deal with the silent treatment? I didn’t do anything to you….. Well yet anyways.” I frowned I really didn’t know what was going on, his voice almost sounded amused like this was all just a walk in the park. “Silent treatment? No just silence” we were at the gate now it was locked of course. If that wasn’t enough there were two leeches hunched near the gate as if to guard it I guess. They both looked up at my attacker. One of them nodded and slithered to the lock. He paused to hunt for keys in his pocked then in a swift movement he unlocked the gate.

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