Falling for everything

one minute everything is fine the next I feel like my life is slowly disappearing. People end up dead. Creatures they thought only existed in horror movies and books slaughter friends and neighbours before their eyes.


4. Where am I?

~~Chapter four
Of course this was what it was going to come down to. I can’t get cold feet now, I have to stand up, and I can’t be pushed around. If I am going to die then let it be with pride trying my hardest. I composed my face to where I’m sure if looked like I was pissed, instead of scared beyond imagination. “Not as much as you think.” I huffed like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Well suit yourself, Jens pull over!” On Q the car came to a halt but all I could think is wow I’m really going to die. I was expecting him to open the door I’d be thrown through but I was surprised when he pulled open the car door I was leaning against. He caught my shoulders just before my head hit the ground. In a movement so fast my head just spun in protest, he slung me to my feet. Why not let me fall? He let go of one of my shoulders and gripped tighter to the other one. I could hear my shoulder blade pop and crack against the pressure. I looked around trying to see where we were. I didn’t get to see much as he forced me to look back at him instead which hurt my neck as his strength was far greater than mine.
His eyes held fury and rage, I wanted to look away, and it hurt just to keep my eyes open. Suddenly he began to drag me by my shoulders towards a field across from the passenger’s side. I thought for sure that was where we were heading so when I found myself pinned to the side of the car I was more than worried. He smiled warmly and grabbed my neck with his free hand. “Are you sure you want to die?” My throat started to burn like his hand was fire. My hands whipped upward to try to loosen his grip but it was useless, like trying to fight iron when your paper. He pushed his hand up my neck to where I had to look up. My airway began to close it was becoming impossible to breath. I knew I was crying from the sheer pain now but they were silent tears, I wasn’t sobbing or screaming out I was just crying. His grip around my neck began to loosen slowly then he let go of my shoulder. His touch was like ice against my now scorching face, with his hands now free he brushed away the tears as they fell. I didn’t want to but I enjoyed the relief. It then suddenly the hand that was gripping my throat started to cool. It was too confusing. The burning was replaced by an icy feeling. It didn’t hurt anymore, his hand dropped from my neck and cheek and he just stood there looking at me, what was I supposed to do? I frowned and knitted my brows. He shook his head and grabbed my wrist and pulled me away from the car. “I’ll have to kill you later. Your emotions are mixed right now. I swear if you don’t take a nap I will make you.” My jaw dropped a little but I didn’t protest as he threw me back into the car. A little less roughly but I still managed to end up next to the other door. It surprised me when he slid in after me. “Sleep or I’ll put you to sleep.” I frowned and suppressed a yawn. Not happening………. It was sort of gripping the seat, I feared that he’d rip it in half. It was like he was holding back, I wonder what would have happened if he had lost control ……………
Well it’s like I cared, I am going to die eventually anyway. He raised one of his eyebrows like he’d heard me talking about him. I turned away the stupid jerk. Sleep or I’ll put you to sleep. God who did he think he was? I grumbled as I settled down the stupid car. Time was dripping away and before I knew it the stupid vampire began to smile again. I swear he had worse mood swings than a women. He snickered what the hell? I shot up into a full sit and glared at him. The stupid vampire started to laugh. What happened? What did I miss? “What’s so funny?!” his constant amusement was really starting to bother me. “Do you really want to know?” I narrowed my eyes and replied “yeah” “I’m just trying to figure out why your underwear matches your skirt.” I groaned, stupid pervert. I should have known he would find a way to make fun of me and I was hoping he had been bluffing about the skirt thing.
“There’s nothing wrong with matching.” I started to flinch and squirm trying to make sure my skirt was as low as it would go. Then I crossed my ankles thinking try and see anything now. “HA right matching. I suppose your shirt’s plaid too?” “Yeah smart a**!” I unzipped my oversized jacket and tossed it beside me to reveal my red and black corset top. Down the centre it was black and laced up with red silk, down the sides and on the princess sleeves it was red and black plaid. It was my favourite shirt. Of course I had a pure black tank top underneath. For the first time I looked at what he was wearing, a crisp black shirt and black jeans. “What else matches?” he joked haha. “Oh and this is coming from the guy who is wearing solid black!” “Yeah well at least I don’t like I just stepped out a Scottish version of hot topic.” “Screw you! Plaid rules.” “Right in what time period?” stupid vampire. I don’t care kill me. I got closer and closer every second to hitting him. The stupid leech just wouldn’t shut up. “Oh and I’m guessing you ate sheep for lunch right?” that’s it you stupid pig! I came towards him with my fist balled up. He caught my hand and pushed it down effortlessly until it reached the seat and then he wrapped his arm around my head in a headlock. “LET GO! YOU STUPID JERK! LEECH, BLOODSUCKER, PIG, PERVERT, LOSER, I HATE YOU!!! LET ME…..” the last thing I remember hearing is my attacker taking a deep sigh then …. BOOM. I was out cold.
My dreams were nightmares consuming all the happiness I had left. It was like I was spinning and my head was pounding, kind of like a very bad hangover. I peeled my eyes open, he was sitting on a chair next to the bed. His face was well composed like he was perfectly at ease. He grinned like he was satisfied that I was finally awake, I groaned and threw my head into the pillow. Then the craziest thing happened. My arm felt like it was being ripped from its socked. The creep was pulling me to my feet, using only my arm and his hand. OUCH.
“Ow! Let go!” he chuckled lightly and let me fall face first to the floor. I glared at him why was he such a jerk, god why was I here? What did I do to deserve this? I pulled myself into a sitting position and then crossed my arms looking up at him. “My nightmares are nicer than you!” “Good I’m glad to hear you slept well!” Ha ha funny.” He shrugged his shoulders and widened his grin. The awful reminder that he was a vampire glistened. He had such white teeth. I guess vampires have to take care of their fangs otherwise they would be screwed when it came to dinner time. Ewwww, I flinched in disgust. “So does that mean you didn’t sleep well?” he laughed before continuing. “It means the same to me either way.” I wish that looks could kill. “No it’s sarcasm it was meant to…” he cut me off mid-sentence. “I’m familiar with sarcasm. Though it seems you’re having problems with the term.” “God! WTF!!!” “Sorry I don’t speak monkey, what was that?” I frowned what was the purpose of waking me up, why not just kill me? I was beginning to wonder if I was kidnapped by the world’s stupidest vampire. “Are you going to answer? I spit the words at him hoping that affected him even if just a little. It didn’t of course. “NO. Ha! You might be smarter than you look monkey.” I grumbled at him as I got up. “Why the hell am I here? You have to answer that or I’ll ignore you.” “I don’t have to answer anything. Don’t you think it’s a bit hard to ignore the person killing you?”
“Go right ahead, I dare you to!” he frowned. “If I didn’t know better it sounds like you want to die.” I laughed sort of hysterically like I was going insane. “That’s not funny” he said “It is too. So you’re not going to answer my question?” “Not right now.” “Then why am I awake?” “Because I’m bored and your fun to mess with.” I groaned, stupid vampire. “You know what just for that I’m going to batter you with questions!” “Knock yourself out.” “Where are we?” “South of you’ll never know!” “Why am I alive?” “Beats me, you just won’t die I guess” “What’s that supposed to mean?” “Nothing at all. Then again no one’s tried to kill you stupid. So why wouldn’t you be alive?” “I’m not stupid you are! God are leeches this brainless?” “Right my IQ surpasses yours by at least 100.” “Oh sure. The vampire that wishes he had a brain. How original!” “That’s not a question!” “Fine! Then why shouldn’t you answer this one! Who the f*** are you?!” “Apparently a vampire!” “Well no duh! Your name smart one!” “Now I will ask you a question monkey one I want the answer to!” “Stop calling me monkey!!” “Stop calling me leech!!” “Give me something else to call you then” “I would but I don’t feel like it” “Well isn’t that a brilliant excuse” “Yeah it’s a lot better than yours!” “Mine for what?! Last time I checked you knew my name!” “Yeah I do! Your point?” “Well dear leech you’re complaining about your nickname, what else shall I call you; vampire?” “Nothing” “Oh the sheer glory of that answer.” He walked over and grabbed my arm.
“Come on I’m ditching you on Cynthia! He pulled me to the door and nearly ripped it off its hinges. We walked in silence down the long hall. I was fuming now, who does he think he is? I looked around trying to find a window or some kind of clue to where I was. There really wasn’t any. The hall looked like something out of the middle ages where the walls were made out of stone. There were giant tapestries hanging on the walls all of epic style battles and long red and gold rugs on the floor. They had floral designs elegantly displayed on them. They were actually very pretty and I caught myself staring at them in awe. We finally stopped in front of a small cherry wooden door that had elaborate designs carved around the edges. He slung this door open without even bothering to knock. Inside the room it looked like a completely different hall, it didn’t look like it belonged here at all not one bit. The walls looked like wood instead of stone, and they were painted soft pink, well everything for that matter had some pink in it. Despite my hate for pink most of the pink items in the room also had black mixed in it was sort of like a preppy gothic room.
In the middle of the room was a giant black four post bed. It was dressed with black and pink pillows and a very modern black comforter that had pink writing scattered across it. At the end of the bed there was a cute little black trunk with a lace pink blanket laid across it. At the far corner there was a small black velvet love seat, accompanied by pink pillows that were nicely decorated with black lace. Over all the room was…… Beautiful!
“Cynthia!” In a split second a little girl appeared I front of us. She had deep pink hair that had hints of purple in it and the prettiest metallic golden eyes, let’s not forget how short she was maybe 4ft 11? “Yeah?” “Can you babysit?” “Tired already brother? I thought for sure you’d want to play with your limited edition Emo Barbie a little longer than that.” He faked a smile before grumbling “Can you?” “Of course, I wouldn’t want my new sister to die”. Did she just call me her……. Sister? What the hell?! Something seriously messed up is going on. I have questions and one of them is going to answer them. “Yeah whatever have fun I’m going to bug dad or something.” She grinned as he dropped my now sore hands into hers. “Good luck with that.” The little girl called after him. He sniggered “You’ll need the luck more than me!” “Right whatever.” She mumbled, I’m not sure he was able to hear it. As soon as he was gone she shut the door and turned to me. “I bet he’s not answering any of your questions” it wasn’t a question but I nodded my head anyway. “Alright then I know what we’re doing. Come on we’ll sit on the love seat.” She yanked me to the small little love seat and pushed me down onto it. Why are vampires so forceful? “Shoot away sis.” “Alright how am I your sis?” It was really beginning to bother me. She might seem nice but I don’t like how this connection would happen.
“Can you start with an easier one please?” what the hell? She said she’d answer my questions… “Fine, where am I?” she had to at least answer that one, right? “Oh god that’s a good one I have no clue….” “How can you not know?” was she lying to me? These leeches are so getting on my nerves. “Well it’s hard to say…. The castles are always moving. A safety measure, we’re less likely to get attacked if no one knows where we are”. This is so frustrating!! “Oh fine… you do know why I’m here don’t you?” “Dunno. I guess because Derek found you….” At last I know the leech’s name! Ha, I win! Well other than that little scrap of information I’ve learned absolutely nothing. Great. Now I can….. Well actually I have no clue why I wanted to know this…. What does she mean by found? Well sure he took me from the fair but was he looking for me there? It is a bit suspicious that he knew my name…. “Fine.” I honestly didn’t want to know…. “Uh…why….was I brought here?” “Oh… I’m not sure….” She pursed her lips…. “Well vampires sort of….. It’s like….when you see your mate you know it, like a sense.” This wasn’t making much sense to me…. What did this have to do with…. OH GOD. “Um I don’t want to be a vampires anything!!!” My brain started to panic…. That’s why I’m not dead…. That’s why I’m here…oh!!!.... I have to get out of here! I can’t…..NO, NO, NO!!!!!
“Oh that explains the fight… you haven’t…” “Haven’t what?” she started to laugh. “You’re not mature yet!!” I’m so confused… “You don’t know do you?” “Know what?” what was she talking about… oh I’m getting a headache! “Well… when your soul mates a vampire… you kind of have no choice… your basically mature…. Or connect with your soul mate. An eternal bond. Derek’s sort of…well he’s matured.” “That’s…..WRONG.” I felt like I was going to heave… yesterday I was a happy single teen. Not an issue in the world. No I’m… a vampire’s soul mate? Fate is sick minded. It was being nice to me so that it could torment me for the rest of my life. At least I’ll die in 50, 60 years ….. Or sooner if I have any say….. “Oh ha! That explains the fight. You should have heard yourself. Ha ha. Nice come backs by the way. I’ll have to show you the fight later when you’re not pissed off at Derek. That way you can laugh too.” “No offence, but I’m not ever going to be ‘not pissed off’” “That’s what you say now! But once you mature….the sickening love will be in the air and you’ll almost never get mad…at least not at Derek.” Ewe. That stupid leech! Why the hell is this happening to me?! “NO!! No, no, no this isn’t happening……” “Calm down….you’ll have an eternity to get over this...” “What’s that supposed to mean?” “Oh silly you don’t think a vampire and a human can be mates do you? He’s going to change you stupid.” No, I’m not going to be a leech. No this isn’t happening. I’m not going to love an evil, jerk, blood-sucking leech! I’d rather die. “Not happening…” “Fine, whatever you say…. Are you sure you don’t want to see the fight it’s really funny.” I let it drop, she obviously wasn’t going to help me. I sighed and decided to go along with this….. Maybe if I learn enough about this place, I can find a way out…. “How can….” She cut me off before I could finish. “Oh easy, I have a camera set up in his room. Black mail purposes.” Wow, shocking I wonder what else she does in her spare time. “So do you want to get revenge against my stupid brother?”

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