Falling for everything

one minute everything is fine the next I feel like my life is slowly disappearing. People end up dead. Creatures they thought only existed in horror movies and books slaughter friends and neighbours before their eyes.


5. Revenge

~~Chapter five
“Revenge?” that word never sounded so sweet. Maybe I’d have a little fun before I make a run for it…. “Yep.” “Hhmmmm, what were you thinking?” “What do you think we can do with eggs, feathers and shiny makeup?” I like where this is going…. “I’m a game!” “Good but it’s important you don’t think about what we’re going to do. Vampires can hear human’s thoughts. Well only if your thoughts are to do with them…” oops. So that bloodsucker heard all my insults… Good I hope they hurt. Well at least they can’t hear everything… that would be bad…… “Well that sucks.” Ha! Bad vampire joke. “Yeah it sucks even more when you’re a royal vampire. Then you always hear each other’s thoughts it’s so annoying. “Oh that must really suck!” Huh? Royal?.... “Yeah…” “Wait you said only royal vampires.” “Yeah only if you’re a Zenopeni ere. It’s a bit weaker than our ability to hear what humans think about us, though. We can’t hear each other’s thoughts unless we are close to each other. That’s why the rooms are so far apart. “Oh…” I think I’m going to get sick….. This is too much to take in in one day.
“Are you ready?” I swallowed back the shock. “Yep. Let’s get this show on the road.” Don’t think about it, don’t think about it. “We’re going to put the eggs in a bucket they’ll crack when they hit his head. Then we’ll sling feathers at him. Finally when he looks like a chicken I’ll hold him down so that you can put really shinny makeup on him!” Don’t think about it, don’t think about it. “Okay first things first we have to get the supplies. The eggs and feathers from the chicken coop and the buckets and rope from the servants house out back. I’m sure my aunt has some spare glitter makeup.” She grinned. This will be so funny……….. Don’t think about it, don’t think about it.
We had to be quiet going through the halls, not with our feet but with our thoughts. It was hard not to think about him. It’s hard to explain but ever since I woke up I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the loser. Oops.
Several halls later we found the stairs. How big was this place? I wonder if Cynthia knows…. “Knows what?” She smiled and stopped before going down the stairs and turned to face me. “Oh I almost forgot. That would be bad….. I was just wondering how big this place is.” “Oh I’m not really sure…. Well its three stories tall not including the attic or the weapons room….. Oh and there’s only about 40 or 50 rooms. Well that I’ve been in.” I sighed only 40 or 50 rooms. The stairs were covered with the same pretty rugs as the halls. The rail was an odd wood that I couldn’t find a name for. It was dark but it almost looked burnt. I caught myself gawping at its beauty. “Admiring the rail?” “Yes actually, what kind of wood….””It’s not wood its ash. Our family knows this really cool trick… I’ll have to show you later.” “Alright.”
It took forever to reach the bottom but we did. The bottom floor reminded me of a lot of ballrooms all put together. All the floors were stone but there were huge cream rugs that covered most of the room. There were rings of rose vines that started out wide and big but then got smaller and smaller as you reached the centre which was a single rose. Other than the beyond gorgeous design the roses colour caught my eye. It was sort of a maroon colour just redder. The room itself was empty except for a couple of random arm chains near the walls. You’d think they’d use the room for something seeing as it was just so big. “Alright the cope is…..” “Chicken cope? Cynthia why are you taking her to the chicken cope?” Cynthia froze in place her jaw kind of dropped as she turned to face Derek. “Well I…she.” “Um I like chickens….. They’re really cute we were going to get some feathers…. For some…. Craft projects…” “Crafts since when do you do crafts Cynthia?” Great another one of my hare brain ideas. “Yeah it’s cool…. You never know what you can do with feathers…” “You know on second thoughts I don’t want to know, have fun…” then he continued up the stairs still half shaking his head.
As soon as he was out of sight Cynthia turned to me. “Crafts eh?” I laughed as I walked towards the next room behind the stairs. It was a long walk but not as long as the walk down the stairs. “Alright you’ve got to promise not to run once we’re outside.” “Ha! Then I wouldn’t have any fun. I don’t even know where I am. What good would that do?” “Your right none. Still if I lose you he will kill me.” Right sure doesn’t seem like it at all. Don’t think about it, don’t think about it.
She opened the humongous doors which were at least ten feet tall. If she wasn’t a vampire someone her size wouldn’t be able to open them let alone my size. “Hey! Keep off the short insults.” “Sorry.” “It’s ok you didn’t mean any harm.” The outside air felt really good against my skin. It was kind of cold but nice. It was the middle of the night, there were lots of stars scattered around the full moon. It looked really pretty…. Until I stepped in the snow. Then the real cold kicked in.
Ii looked down to realise that I wasn’t wearing my jacket and it wasn’t round my waist where I usually put it…. “Sorry Ryain I forgot your human. Our realm has extreme highs and lows, in the morning it will feel like your skins going to melt of. The keeper does a pretty good job keeping the castle stable though, he just can’t control the outside.” “It’s okay. We’re in another realm?” “Yeah the humans sister realm. The kingdom of Earon, home of the mythical folk.” Oh this is getting a little too weird, it’s on a thin line going into the creepy zone. The chicken cope wasn’t that far from the castle it was actually very close. It was little more than a long red wooden building that was barely tall enough for me to fit in without hitting my head. “You’re such a giant. Perfect for my brother really….” I snorted, I’m not sticking around much longer…..I’ll find a way out of this fate.
I looked down at the ….. Those aren’t chickens. No those… “By the way chickens are a little different than what you’re used to…” “Oh… I see what you mean…..” they kind of looked like freaking mutants. They had only one eye, a funny Polk a dot feather on top of their heads and they all had four legs. Two stick like hands and two that looked like normal chickens legs. “Be careful they’ll grab you” oh the joy this should be…. Interesting to say the least.
“I’ll get the eggs, if they bite me I won’t feel it. You grab the feathers be careful not to touch their nests.” I nodded and started to pick up the cute little Polk a dot feathers. “Uh… Cynthia what do I put the feathers in?” “Oops. We should have got the buckets first… stay here I’ll be back in a split second.” “No worries I’m not going anywhere” as a gesture I sat down on the hay covered floor which wasn’t as uncomfortable as I first thought. The like a lightening flash she disappeared into a blurry strip. “Bye.” I mumbled knowing she could probably hear. I felt more than a little alone. The mutant chickens wouldn’t shut up either. They made the oddest wooing sound more like an owl than a chicken. Then all of a sudden one of them hopped next to me. “Uh. Little guy rr girl? What do you want?” “Oh I’m just saying hi.” I screamed and jumped away. Stupid chicken! It’s not supposed to talk. “Oops I think I forgot to tell you they talk…” Cynthia was standing by the door holding three tin buckets, they reminded me of the buckets they showed in old movies for milking cows. She handed me two “try to fill them as much as possible.” “Fine don’t say hi back!” the little guy hopped away.
“Ummm, bye little guy…. See ya….later?” “You had your chance honey” he settled back in his nest tail feather towards me. Cynthia burst into laughter. “Wait until Derek hears he’s got competition with the chickens!” I groaned. “Well I warned him that I liked chickens ….” She was rolling now. Then another chicken jumped down and walked towards me. “Ii say you’re completely shallow and no friend of mine! Humph!” she had a really strong British accent and I had to really try to hold back the laughter that was bubbling in my throat. It took forever but eventually both of the buckets were full. Of course Cynthia finished way before I did. She was patient though. She sat next to me and helped pick up feathers while talking about her bands and social life. Apparently she really enjoys pranks and picking on her aunt who I would soon meet, she also loved mingling with the servants and listening to their gossip. “Alright we’re finished. Off to see aunt Claris” after we had climbed the stairs the trip wasn’t far, we had to hide our buckets in a linen cupboard near her aunts room. It wouldn’t be good if her aunt’s suspicion raised, it would tip Derek off. Don’t think about it, don’t think about it.
I hadn’t expected this. Cynthia’s aunt was…… really pretty, I was expecting an older lady, but Claris looked only a couple of years older than I did! “Oh my god! She’s so pretty! Oh how could Derek score such a peach!” well she might look young ……….. She ran over to me and smothered me in a bear hug, then pulled away to pinch my cheeks. “You need a little colour love, you like like you’ve just seen a ghost!” Ha ha funny. “Well aunty we were hoping you had some shinny makeup. Derek has me babysitting and we want to play dress up!!” “I swear if Derek runs from all of his responsibilities. Oh he needs to learn if he’s ever to be king…” King? Oh god I had to get out of here….soul mates…. “Aunty?” “Oh yes. I do honey, I’ll get it for you now!” she was still mumbling to herself as she hunted for the makeup in a small dresser. It was a pretty oak dresser like all of the other odd looking things in her room, it was like something out of the 50’s. “Her you are. Shiny makeup” she giggled a little as she handed Cynthia the makeup then waved us out of the room. “Sorry darling its nap time for aunty.” Fine with me, I love old people don’t get me wrong but this lady is a bit odd for my taste… “Are you ready for operation revenge” “You know it!” If I’, forced to be here, I’m going to have a little fun. “We’ll set it up by the library the nerd’s always there.” She shook her head and rolled her eyes.
The library was two hallways away, when we got there she threw a rope up over a ceiling beam. Then she tied the bucket of eggs to the rope, while I held the other end. We were about to pull it up when someone tapped me on the shoulder. “What type of craft is this?” oh great now I don’t get to see the look on his face…. “Uh…” I tried to find an excuse but I found none. Cynthia frowned. “How’d you find out?” “I stopped to visit Claris and she told me you asked for shinny makeup. You’re too emo to like anything shinny and you wouldn’t be caught dead in makeup.” One word came to my word BUSTED!
“God I can only imagine what you were planning to do with… eggs, feathers and… shinny makeup!” he shuttered then mumbled something that sounded like girls. “Well dearest brother if you’re going to be mean take back your prom queen.” She winked at me before continuing. “She’s a horrible beast, I’m scared to death. She made me do it…. she kept ranting about how she hated you.” I grinned and was glad he couldn’t see my face. This was going to be fun. “You’re a liar! I did nothing! You and your stupid leech strength!” “I’m appalled you would even consider blaming me!” Derek turned to face me. “Why are you still holding that rope?! From behind me Cynthia motioned for me to pull it, as fast as I could I did. The eggs came pouring down on top of him. He pursed his lips and wiped away some of the goo and egg shell from his face. “That wasn’t very nice Ryain! Then it started to rain feathers. “Ha ha! Now that’s what a chicken should look like!” Cynthia walked over to me and started to laugh at her brother as she handed me a little container of glitter makeup. “Don’t you dare!” he started to come towards me…. “Ha ha. Just try to stop me!” I opened the container and slung the glitter at him. He inhaled deeply. “I’m not going to get mad I’m going to get even!” he grabbed me and hugged me. I could barely breathe. “It’s hug an emo day, Ryain.” I slumped my shoulders as the goo dripped down my waist to my legs. It felt so gross. “Ewwww. Let go!” he just started to laugh. “I thought you liked chickens!” Cynthia started to laugh. “It’s funny you should mention that.” “Cynthia your lips will now seal….” “Fine. I’ll keep it as blackmail. “Tell me Cynthia or I’ll hug you next.” She groaned. “Fine, sorry Ryain this is a designer dress. A chicken in the cope has the hot’s for Ryain and its mate has it out for her now.” He started to laugh. God! I’m in a room full of evil leeches! “That’s not nice Ryain, I’m not evil….. I’m just different.” Cynthia frowned and she sounded hurt. Traitor. “No, it’s not like that….” “Let me go…” “No. I enjoy your pain.” “Yeah I know. Lucky me!” he grinned and put one of his egg covered hands on top of my head. I gasped. “Try getting that out of your hair!” he stepped away. “Cynthia try to clean her up!” then he walked off towards his room.
I hate you leech. I knew he’d hear that thought………I heard a distant chuckle down the hall as my least favourite person disappeared.

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