Falling for everything

one minute everything is fine the next I feel like my life is slowly disappearing. People end up dead. Creatures they thought only existed in horror movies and books slaughter friends and neighbours before their eyes.


3. Plans are?

~~Chapter three
It was a bit hard to see clearly, I had to strain my neck to see over my attackers shoulder. I shouldn’t have bothered, I quickly turned away at the sight it was nearly unbearable. The guards were disgusting vile creatures, that looked like human sized lizards. I look back at this time closer, I realised that they had parts of many animals. The head of a toad but the constant flickering tongue of a snake, the body was that of an alligator and the limbs reminded me a lot of the Komodo dragon. They made my stomach turn, I felt like my face should be grey. I looked away; the last thing I needed was to heave. The scene of the once blissful fair was no better. Thought the numbers were greatly decreased there were still several people running towards the gate. The next scene made me shut my eyes to block out the painful tugs at my heart, I couldn’t watch them die especially knowing that I couldn’t help them. For the first time in my life I believed monsters really did exist. The worst part is that it wasn’t just vampires, there were several other things out there, things I can’t even name as true monsters.
The gate opened with a hesitant squeak. On instinct I opened my eyes, a girl was almost in my reach. She had tears of fear in her eyes, the gentle tugging in my heart became a full on squeeze. She was younger than I was by a lot she was only about 11 or 12. He white dress was slashed with holes and rips, he olive skin had large cute beneath those rips and cuts that were gushing continuously so her dress was drenched. I could feel my own tears building up this wasn’t fair not at all. Why were so many people dying? Why was I being taken away from it all? The little girl continued to come closer slower now like she was afraid of my attacker…… or from the pain the wounds that painted her body probably caused. I wanted to look away but I couldn’t.
Instead she was taken away so fast I was barely able to blink and she was gone. One of the guards had gotten her. I shut my eyes again hoping to block out the scene. I was about to cover my ears to muffle the screams I was sure I’d hear. When none came I rested my head from the strain. I tried to block everything out, but all I could see in my thoughts were her blood shot hazel eyes. Why that girl? She didn’t do anything!
I could feel my attacker’s almost weightless steps below me. As the screams died down I knew we were outside the gate and headed away from the massacre. It was never a fair….. So it shouldn’t be referred to as one. “Where are you taking me?” I really didn’t want to know I just wanted to die, like everyone else……. Thought I tried to know my voice cracked a little, my tears were beginning to reach my cheeks. Instead of answering me he let out half a chuckle. It sounded like he’d tried to hold it back. “Not upset are you?” I didn’t even respond I was a bit shocked. “Oh no I’m not upset! I see death everyday its part of my life. I was surprised how quickly I got over the shock, I was already pissed off. “Of course I’m not upset. Why would I be upset?” he laughed this time. “Well clearly you’re not…..” the hand he was using to hold me up and over his shoulder gripped barely tighter and he pulled me off and allowed my legs to touch the ground. He still held my waist with his hands, oh the joy. I glared at him but he grinned back like he couldn’t care less. “Hi there!” smart **. He sniggered and then continued. “Did you have fun at the fair? Cause I enjoyed…..” I didn’t care if he was a vampire, I’d probably die anyway. I pulled my hand back and tried to slap him. He grabbed my hand mid-air before I had even half a chance. “I think someone needs to take a nap. You’re a bit cranky.” He bent down to where his lips were extremely close to my ear. I’d let you walk but then I wouldn’t be able to enjoy your skirt.” He laughed and threw me roughly over his shoulder, I’m lucky nothing broke. “Pervert!” he chuckled and mumbled more. “Sticks and stones my break my bones….! “Yeah right if that worked I would have already tried.” “I’m sure.” I rolled my eyes; I could see the dark blue sky lightening at the horizon. What time was it? Even if I was tired, and I was, I wasn’t going to let my guard down.
A few minutes later he eased me off his shoulder again. This time I realised why. We were in the car park; the fair’s car park and there were just so many cars. How many people were dying right now? How many are already…… I couldn’t finish my thought. It was way too painful. So instead I focused on what was happening right now. What was this guy’s plan? We were in front of a long, sleek, black car almost like a miniature limo. To help my theory a man got out of the car drivers seat and was standing in front of us in a flash.
He bowed nimbly in my attacker’s direction and pulled the back door open for…us? Like I cared I wasn’t getting in, if he was going to kill me he was going to do it never or never no…. “In you go” with the slightest shove my body flung cleat across the seat to the other door. He slammed the first door shut and proceeded to climb into the next row. THAT’S RIGHT YOU BETTER PUT SOME DISTANCE BETWEEN US I thought angrily in my head. “Get comfortable it’s going to be a long drive” he chuckled. At the moment there is no one else in my life that I hate more than my attacker. I wonder if the jerk even has a name, well he failed to mention it if he did; maybe stupid demons don’t give their young names. I pressed my back against the leather seat, the doors had a weird lock on them, one you had to type a code in for it to unlock.
It certainly didn’t help that the seat was just so soft and I was very tired but I wasn’t giving up. Maybe an hour passed before he spoke again, this time he was teasing like he was ready for another mental game. “Are you going to fight your eye lids the whole 5 hour drive?” he laughed, but I didn’t find him the least bit amusing. “I’m not fighting my eyelids, there’s no competition on who’s going to win.” “Says you.” He managed to say between chuckles. I sighed, I hope I don’t have to deal with him much longer, when he finally stopped laughing the silence in the car lasted for a very long time. It wasn’t helping, even if I hate him the silence was pushing me closer to him. Eventually he gave in, I think. It had been at least 3 hours since I’d heard his disturbing voice. His words sent my heart racing like someone was holding a gun to my head, well it may as well have been a gun. “How badly do you want to live?”

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