Bloody wrists and self loathing.


1. .

"And what a great world we live in,

don't you know your hair looks so pretty!

my lord, aren't you the popular one!

I bet your life's never been shitty!


oh and did I forget your flawless wit? 

Its as sharp as a knife!

I bet the world leaders line up,

to give you their life!


You are so perfect! Your strong and your smart!

Does it even smell when you go for a shit?

everyone loves you, nothing can go wrong!

but there has been a question, I meant to ask for a bit...


Do you feel alone, do you feel alone?

You think you have friends,

but would they pick up the phone?

Get a life don't just follow the trends!


your wrist is all bloody but I don't care!

your hair is shit! Go on shave your head!

your fucking disgusting!

I wish you were dead!


Your bodies disgusting!!!

You always face rejection!

I'm gonna kill you myself!"

I told my reflection!



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