Reading your future.....

Harry is in his 3 3rd year and he mysteriously gets a parcel full of books, but not just any books, books by a certain muggle author from their future. She sends the first book in hopes of saving all the people harry loves with a time turner. Who knows what will happen when the important people (snape, harry, Dumbledore. Etc) figure out what harry will do and what the truth is.....


2. What he did

Disclaimer, every thing in BOLD is property of J.K. ROWLING

.                       .                          .        

.                                                Harry sat in the common room thinking about Sirius and were he was

going to live. Pettigrew was on the lose and people were looking for the wrong man! "AHHH", he 

screamed in frustration. Suddenly, a parcel landed on his head with a note attached to it. The note said,

.                         Dear Harry, 

                                If the time turner worked correctly, then you should receive the following package with  a book. The book is from the future There are seven books in the series, but for now I can only give you the first one. This series of books will help people from dying. You need to gather Alastor Moody, Nmyendora Tonks, Ron, Hermione, Snape, All the Weasely's, Dumbledore, McGonagal, Sirius Black, Lupin, The Dursley's and You!

 Harry did not know what to do except to show it to Dumbledore, so that's what he did.

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