Reading your future.....

Harry is in his 3 3rd year and he mysteriously gets a parcel full of books, but not just any books, books by a certain muggle author from their future. She sends the first book in hopes of saving all the people harry loves with a time turner. Who knows what will happen when the important people (snape, harry, Dumbledore. Etc) figure out what harry will do and what the truth is.....


3. the boy who lived

"Professor Dumbledore sir" Harry said, wondering if he would believe him. "Yes Harry, whatever do you want?" I received a parcel and a letter from the future, I can show you if you want, it says to meet in the room of requirements with many people and it had a book about me and it said to read it and save people from dying and I came to you and I don't know what to do!!" He said all that very quickly, and he didn't know if Dumbledore could understand. "Is that so Harry?" Dumbledore said. "Well, show me the letter Harry, and I will get the people. You can get to the room of requirements and I'll be back In a jiffy". "Yes sir Professor".


                             Once everyone was there, Harry asked," Well, who wants to read first?" "Don't you think we should open the package, Potter?" Snape sneered. "Okay....", Harry replied.  Hermione volunteered to read, and when she opened the package she read, Harry potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. She opened the book and said, The boy who Lived.

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