The Only Reason

"Your the only reason."

"What me?... For what?"

"The start of everything that's happening to us right now."


"Yes, trust me."


5. Chapter 4: Not Enough

Luke's POV

It was nice having a childhood best friend back here again. Or I guess cousin back. It's not that I don't like my bandmates it just, I find it nice hanging out with an actual girl that has known me since forever, related by blood or relatives atleast, a girl who doesn't know me from my band.

Heather is like my sister. We've been through tough times with each other side by side. We gossip together, whenever she's desperate for company, that is. We gossip about music, instead of social media stuff. So I guess we wouldn't use gossip as a term.

When Heather and I were about 4 or 5 we were interested in drumming, since we both liked stomping and patting on wood a lot. But once we got older like about 8 we had same interests. (Not like crushes or anything like that. Unisex stuff.)

We both started to like the guitar more, so we taught each other notes and cords. Sometimes even jam around foolishly whenever I stop by. But, when we were 12 thats were we stopped our contact with each other. Some of the words she said to me before leaving for Perth were, "If I ever hear you on the radio, I'll be back and staying here for good."

Even though Heather was meaning it to be, "If you're able to persue your dreams, I'll do something really special." I took that seriously. Either way I would. Heather's one of the reasons why this band is together.

Technically, the only reason.

Before she even said that to me, I was never really interested in becoming a lead singer for a band, not even a singer overall. I figured I was pretty much a shy little boy, with no chance of a music career. Heather was the one that inspired me. The one who encouraged me. The one that helped me.

Without her none of this would've happened. I wasn't the one who brung the 4 of us together. It was Heather.

2 years after those last words she said to me. I finally had the confidence to make covers and uploading them on YouTube. Trust me, once I heard my voice on video, I literally cringed. It sounded different than I thought it would turn out. But, that didn't matter.

'This is a way to prove I can persue my dreams.' The 14 year-old me thought.

Even though I only got a few likes and comments. I didn't really care. I mean, Justin Bieber started that way. On YouTube.

Now look at my band. We're more known to the world than before. Fan accounts. Mobs. Paparazzi starting to track our single move. Sold out tours. Opening acts for some common bands, like One Direction. Going around the world, enjoying every second of it. Radio interviews.

I have to thank Heather. I have to do something as big as what she has done to help me for her. But how?


"Lukey Poo?" Ashton cooed interupting my thoughts. Making me snap back to reality. "You've been dozing off for 10 minutes!" he whined. "O-Oh yeah. Sorry." I stuttered.

"Green Light. In 1-2—1-2-3-4." Ashton counted down, then Calum, Michael, and I started strumming.

Waiting for a few seconds, for Ashton to join in to drum on his Cajon drum box. Waiting for some other few seconds 'till Calum's solo.

*Skipping song cuz I previously wrote it all, until Movellas has to be a stupid dish, and delete it.*


"Bravo!" Heather cheered on, getting her bright eyes to flicker once again, "You guys are great, putting all of your talents together makes a beautiful piece of art."

The 4 of us couldn't help to earn crimson tinted cheeks, for her compliment. "Thanks..." I trailed off, shuffling around a bit nervously. Even though we may be cousins, she has a weird effect on me. I don't know how to describe it, but—whenever Heather makes one single movement, I'm able to see it.

Every single little thing that she does, I find cute. With her movemenrs, I pay close attention to make sure she doesn't have an incident. I'd always be next to her...

so that kind of makes me an overprotective clingy brother... Um.


I got interupted from my thoughts, when the doorbell rang. "That must be aunt Liz!" Heather squealed and immediately sprinted off her chair and ran upstairs to the front. I followed behind incase, that it was a delivery dude or robber, or whatever. I stayed back at the staircase, since you could tell it was my mother, because of the window in the door.

She opened the door and smiled brightly at my mom. "Heather! Is that really you?" she asked to her shocked, as much as I was. "Pretty much, Luke grown a lot these past 5 years... it's really shocking." Heather grinned, I blushed once again, but they didn't notice since I was out of the view.

"He really has, and now he's living his dream of becoming famous for his singing. He could've been a good math teacher, but y'know—Your accent kind of has a hint of the American accent—Have you been to the United States." My mom grinned, and asked.

"I have for a short time, just for a mini business trip to New York." Heather shrugged.

Liz looked around to see if any of my bandmates or me were here. So, I quickly ducked down. And, before I even knew it... my mom was crying.

"Heather, hun I have no idea of how to thank you. Without you, Luke wouldn't be as talented as he was before. (Luke: Okay... offensive a bit...) He wouldn't have had enough courage to be in a band. Luke would've stayed here at home... wishing he could turn back time, to persue his dream. Heather, your like an idol to him." My mom smiled, with her voice cracking a bit holding back tears.

"It's alright. You don't have to thank me. Don't do anything special. The fact that Luke is living his dream and enjoying it, is already good enough." Heather chuckled, blushing a bit.

No, it isn't enough... She always wished to become famous, for both of us to work together as songwriters when we grow up. Atleast that's what I saw in her bright eyes...

I know what do to!

I stopped overhearing their conversation, and ran back downstairs in a steady, quiet, yet swift pace.

"I think I know who to add into our record label!" I squealed out like a little girl.

"Lucas, calm down mate. Who is it then?" Calum rolled his eyes at my sudden enthusiasum. "Heath-"

"Heather?!" The 3 of their jaws dropped. "What's bad about that?" I asked confused.

"Nothing! But maybe she could be signed with Capitol Records just like us..." Ashton shrugged. "I agree, because maybe she can be our opening act for future tours and such." Michael chirped in, with a cheery smile on his face.

"How will she agree to this though? Remember when she was younger, she said that she doesn't want to be so known to the world?" I reminded. "We can secretly record her singing and playing a song, then show it to our manager. Duh!" Calum smirked, proud of his plan.

The 3 of them stared at me, with plead in their eyes. "I agree." I smiled. "Yes!" They all cheered in a whisper. Suddenly, as if on timing we heard some footsteps coming downstairs. I shifted around trying to be in a natural posture on the couch. But, led me to be lifting my legs up infront of Calum, as he was ducked down, with my butt facing the side of his face.

"Woah." Heather blurted out as she took a look at each 4 of us. Michael and Ashton were facing each other making concentration faces, as if they were playing a staring competition.

"Hi." Calum and I peeped out, with our eyes wide open awkwardly. "Nice day we're having huh?" Calum shifted uncomfortably. "Yep, I miss this type of weather." Heather kept a straight face, while I was struggling to keep my legs up for long.

"Anything else you mis- OW!" I suddenly let gravity get the best of me, making my legs land hard on top of his head. "Oops."

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