The Only Reason

"Your the only reason."

"What me?... For what?"

"The start of everything that's happening to us right now."


"Yes, trust me."


4. Chapter 3: Lukey Poo

Heather's POV

I could feel myself getting carried by pretty big hands, in bridal style apperantly. I could hear him chuckle a bit, which made me realize it was Michael who was carrying me.

Of course, his scent and warmness seemed pretty familiar.

My eyes slowly opened trying to get used of the sunlight shining above. "Your up!" Calum and Ashton cheered walking torwards Michael and I. "Mikey, you can let me down now..." I looked up at him. He noticed and looked down at me with a smile. "Not until we get inside Luke's house." Michael replied. I groaned and just closed my eyes trying to ignore the movements he was making.

Once Michael stopped his tracks, I could tell we were infront of Luke's house. "We're already at his house, can you let me down now then?" I opened my eyes staring at Michael with pure boredom. "I said inside..." he smirked. "Whatever." I muttered and tried getting off of him, but his grip on me was pretty strong.

"It's not gonna work Heather. Give it up." Calum laughed. "Eager to get off huh?" Ashton asked pointing out the obvious. "Yeah pretty mu-" I got cut off by the door opening.

There stood the newly and gigantic Luke Robert Hemmings. His hair quiffed up, with a lip piercing. "Puberty has done well with all of you, but for me, I look like a rotten potato." My jaw dropped staring right into Luke's eyes. "You were so small back then... I... Ugh." I tried saying atleast a sentence but, total shock came over me.

"The power of make up and these heels help a lot." Luke said in a ghetto voice, with sarcasm. "Are you 30 or 17? Cause you sound like a man. Please stop it with your special effects because its confusing me." I stared blankly at each of them.

"It's real, puberty came over this young man." Calum pointed out barging inside. "I never said you could come in." Luke snapped at Calum. "Whatever."

Luke rolled his eyes and turned to thrust the finger to Calum. In response he stuck his tounge out and plopped onto the couch lazily. "Come in—Thanks for actually waiting 'till I finally allowed you all." Luke glared at Calum who was trying to find the TV remote without leaving his position on the couch.

Michael walked me over to the single seat, setting me down gently. "I'm not a baby, Clifford." I rolled my eyes. "Says the one who's 5'9." His combacks are awful when it comes to these sarcasm stuff. Go ahead and mentally facepalm yourself. Michael will see it.

"You moved..." I trailed off trying to make a conversation after a minute of absolute boredom. "Yeah, but we're still in the same street. My mother always wanted to live in this exact home." Luke replied. "Ashton said you guys were going to do band practice... when is that exactly going to start?"

"At about 5pm... we usually just chill out first to get comfortable. Y'know." Calum shrugged, looking pretty comfortable laying on that couch. "Anyone want some chips?" Ashton blurted out from the kitchen counter, acting as if the chips in the shelf were a grand prize for a game show.




"Tostitos!" The four of us in the living room, yelled in response at the same time. "Mix?" Luke putting on his undeniable cute cupcake/puppy dog face, shrugging as well.

"Never really changed huh? Lukey Poo?" I cooed using his 6 year old nickname. "Luke. It's Luke." he sighed. "Whatever big quiff..." I scoffed. "Oh! So now from Lukey Poo its Big Quiff?"

"Wait so you like Lukey Poo instead of Big Qui-"

"No! No! No! Big Quiff is fine."

"That's what you said when you picked between Macaroni Hemmings and Lukey Poo when we were 6." Michael joined in.

"How did I look like a macaroni? I mean seriously! Ashton's hair looks like unboiled ramen!"

"Hey! I heard you!" Ashton yelled from the kitchen.

"Your hair was really blonde and macaroni colored before 'till you started getting some dark brownish hair." Michael stated fumbling around with his fingers. "Ashton hurry up! I'm hungry!" Luke and I said at the same time coincidencially. Both of us are big fans of food.

But the fact that Luke got more fit over the past few years, it lead me to believe he had starting going on a diet. "Woah there girl, you still eat a lot too?"

"I could ask you the same question, mister."

"It's like you guys are related or something." Ashton blurted out, laughing a bit, coming back with a bowl of mixed chips.

"We are, actual cousins. From my mom's side." I replied, as I joined in munching in several pieces of chips at once. "Still not afraid to eat like that infront of us. Nothing changed." Calum laughed, taking a picture of me trying to fit in about 12 crushed chips into my mouth with my head up.

"A'wum! Yu' betta' dulete dat'!" I yelled desperately trying to munch all of the chips as much as I can.

"This is going on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! Oh and maybe Tumblr!" Calum smirked evilly, doing the work of Satan in less than a whole minute. He took my phone and quickly posted it in each social media app.

"Should've kept my passcode on." I muttered in defeat, while the 4 of them all laughed at me.

"Grumpy Heather."

"Shut it Lukey Poo."

"Lil Feather Boo."

"Macaroni H-"

"Don't even."

"Fine then, Lukey Poo."


Okay so apperantly I cannot make any promises about when I'll be updating but I'm assuming I'll be updating every Thursday now. IDK. But no promises. Okay. Yeah.

So I hope you enjoyed this short mini filler. Luke and Heather knew each other before anyone else did which kind of makes them have a strong bond together. Unlike with Michael. Heather isn't exactly cousins with him.

NEXT UPDATE: Sunday or Thursday

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