The Only Reason

"Your the only reason."

"What me?... For what?"

"The start of everything that's happening to us right now."


"Yes, trust me."


3. Chapter 2: The Truth

Heather's POV

Ashton and I are currently sitting inside Starbucks. Just talking about how we're technically going on with our lives.

"So, who are the members in your band, 5 Seconds of Summer?" I asked before taking a sip of my frapé with caramel syrup.

"Luke Hemmings technically is the one who formed the group. Michael Clifford and Calum Hood are the original members with him. While I am the one who made it whole." Ashton smiled, while my jaw dropped.

"I know those 3 guys..." I trailed off.

"Really? How?"

"We're distant cousins, I guess you can say." I shrugged in response.

"We're doing band practice in a few, wanna come?" Ashton asked, with one of his chuckles.

I smiled and nodded. "What's your address now? Maybe I can stop by, sometimes."

"I live next to Michael's house." I replied.

"At least it's a walking distance from my house. Unlike Luke's." Ashton muttered the last part.

"Yeah, he lives quite far." I added in agreement.

"We should go now then." Ashton grabbed his frapé and dragged me out of Starbucks. "So we're going to Luke's house?" I asked. He just nodded and kept on dragging me to god knows where.

"I drive there with Michael and Calum." Ashton explained and had let go of my wrist running infront of Michael's house. I followed, letting out a lousy groan.

My legs were pretty tired infact. You know that feeling you get when you walk/run too much, your knee(s) have some type of throbbing feeling.

"Heather? What are you doing here with Ashton?" Michael's eyes widened shocked, as he shut the front door behind him. "We were Hi-"

"High School sweethearts!" Ashton interupted with a wide smile. Michael's eyes widened more, with his jaw dropped. I could easily tell there is a pang of hurt and jealously inside his eyes. How?

Well we were bestfriends ever since childhood so... that should explain it.

"Oh – That's um - Great!" Michael said along with a fake smile, the one with multiple dimples near his eye bags and when he squints his eyes with poofy cheeks. "You never know if this is fate!" Ashton chuckled not even having a clue that Michael's faking his smile.

"Is this a fan?" I heard a familiar aussie voice that changed a quite bit, behind me. "Probably the biggest one." Ashton spoke up. "Hardcore? Mental? Perver-"

"Normal." Michael interupted as I turned to face whomever was asking. It was Calum. He's grown so much, I remember I was the second tallest in the gang, with Michael being the tallest, and Luke being the shortest. I looked at his collarbone seeing a tattoo. "Cal! You have a tattoo now? Your tall now! Look at your clothing taste! So you guys are really punk rock or?" I blabbered on and on.

"We're not exactly punk rock if you remembered the things we did when we we're young... We're technically the same but our style/appearance changed. It's nice to see you again Lil Feather Boo." Calum teased me with my old nickname. "My nickname didn't include the Lil. Gigantic Cal."

"Well you used to call me Lil Cal, so better switch 'em words up!" Calum rolled his eyes with a smile plastered on his face. "Whatever." I scoffed. "You scoff a lot now like Mikey there, now huh?" Ashton asked. "Pretty much." I shrugged.

"We have 2 scoffers here. Give me some coff drops for them." he held out his hand waiting for someone for give him cough drops. "Your jokes are becoming more corny." The three of us groaned in unison. "Thanks." Ashton cheered, taking it as a compliment when he knew it was really the opposite of that.

"Le' go!" Calum and Ashton cheered and ran to Ashton's car a few feet away from us.

"Heather, you'll be next to Michael in the middle while Calum and I sit at the front." Ashton planned out as Calum and him sat at the front. I just shrugged and got on the car, sitting next to Michael.

He gulped nervously as he tried to cover something. "Mikey seems nervous... oooh." Calum cooed looking at the middle mirror reflecting Michael and I. "S-Shut up!" Michael stuttered and looked out the mirror trying his best to ignore my contact.

"So you're in a band yet you didn't tell me earlier. You didn't even talk to me after I came to see you." I silently hissed at Michael making him more nervous than before. "Well I was caught up with band practice, and I forgot to mention that. Didn't you see one unfamiliar poster on the wall with the 5SOS logo?" Michael explained softly trying his best to not stutter.

(A/N: Michael had a boner. Oops...)

"5 sauce?" I blurted out confused.

"It's short for 5 Seconds of Summer. It sounds like 5 sauce but it's the pronouncination of 5ES-OH-ES."

"Oh." I muttered. But, they could just pronounce it like 5ES-OH-ES instead of 5 sauce.

"I'm sorry..." Michael sighed, staring at me with pleading puppy dog eyes, waiting for me to accept his apology. "It's alright, aslong as we are all still friends I'm alright." I smiled, looking up at Michael, who was smiling back with a genuine smile, showing off his pearly whites. "You rarely show off your teeth." I giggled looking back at the past.

I closed my eyes, knowing that it'll be a long ride to Luke's place. Not exactly long but you know. Right before I was completely asleep I heard Michael whisper to me.

"Your the only reason why I do..."


Okay so I pretty much had writers block. Sorry, my family and I went out to Atlantic City for the weekend, and y'know... all the jazz. If you'd like you can follow my 5SOS/1D fan acc on Instagram: @5SexondsOf1D_


P.S. Sorry for incorrect spelling, grammar, etc. I'm sorry for making it quite short, and making it have more dialogue than Heather's thinking and jazz. I've been busy so, goodnight (:

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