The Only Reason

"Your the only reason."

"What me?... For what?"

"The start of everything that's happening to us right now."


"Yes, trust me."


2. Chapter 1: High School Sweethearts

Heather's POV

Ever since the week after I came back to Sydney, Michael, Calum, and Luke, we're ignorant. Infact, Calum and Luke might not even know I'm here. Which I find slightly depressing, because first of all... I was their bestfriend. Second of all, I don't exactly know any other person about my age living here in Sydney. And third of all, they are acting like I don't exist.

I sighed and yelled, "Daniel! Wanna play FIFA 14?!" I heard loud fast footsteps getting a bit more clearer in seconds, "I do!" he smiled and plopped himself on my blue seatbag. I threw him an Xbox controller and silently sighed. If only Calum, Luke, and Michael were here things would've been more intense.


"But..." my jaw dropped when I realized Daniel won. I would always win over him. "No buts! I won fair and square!" he smirked. "I had let you win bro..." I lied. "Your always so competitive there is no way you would let me win." Daniel stated, while fixing his fringe.

I just shrugged and got up. I walked over to get my phone and my Divergent book from the shelf. "Turn the console off once your done." I reminded Daniel before shutting the door behind me. I went downstairs and went out. I haven't had Starbucks in a while. So why not have some right now?

I may sound like a total white girl but... I love Starbucks. Their drinks taste good, and refreshing when it comes to lazy days. Besides, I should try and cool down. Reading a book while drinking a frapé is one of my favorite things to do, to cool down.

I walked down the block seeing a familiar figure. With his recongizable avengers tank top and his pre-ripped denim jeans. Along with his new ramen curled hair (which was still a cute straight fringe when I last saw him), pearly white teeth, and his golden awarded smile with dimples. It was him, Ashton Irwin.

"Heather?!" Ashton turned to me with a wide smile plastered onto his face. "Ashton!" I smiled back and ran to him, giving him a hug. "Since when did you move here?" he asked fixing his hair a bit. "Like a week ago." I replied.

"I've missed you so much!" Ashton kissed my forehead like the old times.

"Me too, I didn't know you moved around here." I chuckled.


You see, Ashton and I used to be... boyfriend and girlfriend. High School Sweethearts to be specific. It all started in year 10 when I had to go with someone to Prom. Ashton was the new guy in Richmond High School so I had to be the one to tour him around on his first day. Months gone by and we were closer than ever. We treated each other like siblings, technically it's the same relationship I have with Michael, Calum, and Luke.

Once it was a week before Prom, my friends all had dates unlike me who planned on staying home being forever alone like last time. Then, apperantly Ashton found out that I had no date, and was delighted to ask me out. I obviously said yes, and thats when it all OFFICIALLY started.

Mostly everyboday started shipping Heashton together which I found quite cute at the time. My friends would tell me to go to him all the time. A lot of girls became pretty jealous once they found Ashton shirtless at the beach with me, its pretty obvious why. Even though they were jealous they would come up to me and say,"Go make a move!" But, before I could even make a move... Ashton asked me out on a date.

When we were on a date, we had a picnic at a beach during the afternoon. Then, at night we went to the carnival. It was obviously, amazing.

Once, we technically turned into an official couple, people would gush about us sometimes. Even girls would be jealous of me, for having a dude who looks like a tumblr boy. We didn't mind, we enjoyed it actually. Ashton and I ignored the stupid haters and stuff. Overall, we were High School Sweethearts.

We both lived in Brisbane. Then I moved back to Perth, my hometown. So our relationship ended, but that didn't mean ours feelings for each other and friendship stopped as well.


"After you moved back to your hometown Perth, I moved to Sydney. I managed to join another band as a drummer. We're pretty successful. In my opinion at least." Ashton shrugged.

"What's your band called?" I asked. "5 Seconds Of Summer or for short 5SOS. (Pronounced like 5 Sauce)" he replied with a wide smile. I saw a 5 Seconds Of Summer poster on Michael's wall with 4 signatures. I might be imagining stuff but the signatures were from Michael, Luke, Calum, and even Ashton. Forget it...

"Where 'r you, goin'? Ashton cooed.


"I wanna come!" he interupted literally shaking me. "Mkay then white boy." I rolled my eyes. "Says the one who would alwys get about 4 frapé's a day." Ashton scoffed.

Ashton never really changed infact. Just his appearance, the way he changed his hairstyle, apperantly he has biceps and (a stiffer 6 pack... I'm guessing.) His bubbly, random, funny, weird, and careful personality never changed at all. That's one of the reasons why I fell inlove with that weirdo, Ashton would always find some of the most weirdest ways to cheer someome up.

I'm not even kidding. Once, he literally started calling me Bob pretending that I was a bussiness man. Then, he started arguing about his insurance... he knew a lot about those stuff unlike me, who was staring at Ashton like a totally confused messed up bimbo.

"So have you ever gotten a new girlfriend after me?" I asked.

"Nope, there's no fish in the sea that could ever replace you."

"So your comparing me to fish. Fish aren't rare Ashley." I scoffed calling him his girl name.

"Well, you know what I mean..."

"No I do-"

That's when, we finally kissed for the first time in about 1 and a half years. We were High School Sweethearts before. So, maybe we could be soulmates. Because, the fact that we both found each other again, and never exactly moved on, this could mean...



Think again Heather... I know there are 2 paragraphs talking about how girls get jealous over Heashton, well I was editing on my phone and laptop, which confused me so... I apologize about that.

For spelling errors... well I'm sorry I'm in a rush cuz' its passed my curfew right now, it's 11:34 PM... bare with me okay.

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