The picture is the secret

Me and Harry were really happy together until Liam told me how he felt about me and kissed me and zayn got a pic of it and kept making me do stuff, but then hell comes to earth...


12. wedding day

Our wedding day was finally here and me and my four brides maids and maid of honer drove down to the venue and we all got our hair done, and make up, soon after I put my wedding dress on.

It was time, as I Heared "here comes the bride" I walked down the aisle I saw Harry at the end, I got to him and we stood face to face, we said our values and the vikka said " I now pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride" so he did and everyone clapped, we walked out holding hands and as everyone got seated for their meals we had "the first dance"

On our table was us, my brides maids, made of honer and Harry's best men, we all ate and then it was time for everyone to Dance me and Harry kept dancing and having a great time but then I saw liam sitting in the corner by him self, the slow song stopped and a faster one came on so I went up and grabbed him and we started dancing with everyone, Harry didn't care, he was dancing with Gemma,

At 12:00am our taxi came to take us to the airport for our honeymoon, we said our good byes and off we went, for our honey moon we are going to Hawaii!

We got to the airport and when we put everything though Harry said " just to let you know I brought us first class tickets" "aw Harry baby you didn't have to" "I know, love you olivia" "I love you Harry"

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