The picture is the secret

Me and Harry were really happy together until Liam told me how he felt about me and kissed me and zayn got a pic of it and kept making me do stuff, but then hell comes to earth...


5. tattoos

I got up early and put leggings and Harry's t-shirt on and made me and Harry a full English breakfast and I dished up and put the plates on the table with the same candle in the middle of the table and Harry walked out in just his pants and said Awh babes did you do this and is that my t-shirt? Hahaa yeah it is sorry, no it's fine it looks better in you anyway he said softly kissing me on the lips, we quickly finished, put our coats and shoes on and got in Harry's car and drove to the tattoo shop where I got the word believe on my left wrist and me and Harry both got the same one on our hands it's a heart with the word forever In it so we always remember that we will love each other forever, the tattoos took 2 hours in total so we went straight home and when I opened the door a puppy came running up to me, I said Harry why is there a dog in our house all he said was surprise! Awh Harry I said you brought me a puppy! I love you so much, I love you too me said and took my hand and said forever right? Yeah forever i whispered.

I picked up the puppy and said what's his name?

It's up to you babe

Really harry?

Yeah cause

What about cookie

Hahaa I love it babes

It's like we're naming a baby hahaaha

Yeah we can do that in a few years

I stayed quiet and just looked at him, he smiled and gave me a long hug.



I love you

And I love you

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