The picture is the secret

Me and Harry were really happy together until Liam told me how he felt about me and kissed me and zayn got a pic of it and kept making me do stuff, but then hell comes to earth...


10. swimming

We decided to go swimming (all 6 of us) and now that the picture is gone I don't have to listen to zayn so as we all were walking there I was holding Harry's hand with Liam on the other side and I got a text saying remember no hand holding or I'll show Harry -zayn but I didn't listen we held hands all the way there and when we got there Harry said let's get changed in here olivia but as I was walking in I got a text saying don't go in there with him -zayn again I didn't listen.

We got to the pool and everyone jumped in except me and zayn and while no one was listening he said " if you carry on ill show him" "go on then" I said then got in the pool, I swam over to Harry and he picked me up and gave me a kiss and I gave him one back, zayn swam past and whispered "don't do that" I still didn't listen.

Time past really fast and we all got out and got changed I was sitting next to Liam and we was talking about if we deleted them all or not but we thought we did. Then as Harry was getting changed zayn sat with me and Liam and said " where is it" "where's what" "the picture it was on here" all I said was "what picture" Harry came and sat with us and said "let's all go out for dinner" we all said "ok where?" "Léttîê" Harry said grinning " that's really posh and expensive" I said "I'm paying for you olivia don't worry but can you boys afford it?" "Yeah" they all said so we all walked there

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