The picture is the secret

Me and Harry were really happy together until Liam told me how he felt about me and kissed me and zayn got a pic of it and kept making me do stuff, but then hell comes to earth...


3. funniest day with the boys

I woke up in Harry's arms I looked up and he was already awake and he whispered in his sexy sleepy voice Morning baby I said then kissed him on the lips, we got up and made some bacon and got changed, when we got in the car Harry said Olivia do you really like me coz I really like you? Course I do Harry why wouldn't i? Hahaa well I was thinking if you want to but how about you move in with me? Really? Yeah silly I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it do will you? Yeah I will, I love you Harry, I love you too babes.

We got to Starbucks and we all got out coffee and drove to the theme park we all got out of our cars and Harry said we went here on our first date, Awh yeah I do love you baby, love you more he said kissing me softly on the lips,ok you and Liam stay here while we sort out the tickets, ok I said softly, Liam just glared at me so I just said with attitude do you have a problem with me? No said Liam sharply then why are you acting like that I replied. Coz, coz what Liam? Don't worry, Harry and the boys came back and Harry stood next me with his arm round me we all started walking to the gates and I could help but notice Liam looked sad when ever he looked at us but all I know is I'm going to get it out if him.

We got in the theme park and all wanted to go on the log ride so we split into 3 so it was 3 in each log it was me, Harry and Liam and Me in the other log it was Louis, Niall and zayn. We had been in the Line for 5 mind and we got to the boats it was Liam in front and Harry at the back and me in the middle, as we were going up the hills I was leaning back on Harry and he kept kissing me, Liam still didn't say anything, it came to the big drop and we stopped at the top and as we were going down really fast I slipped down the log and slammed into Liam it wasn't hard though and he got out really fast and said fucking be more careful! Oh Liam I'm sorry it was a accident, don't you know how to hold on the bars?!? He yelled oh step back I said while I walked away I said prick but I think he heard me...

We spent the whole day at the park and all decided to go out for dinner so we went for a curry, we sat down and ordered I went off the the bathroom and when I came out Liam was standing there I just blanked him and walked past and sat down in my place kissing Harry on the cheek, what was that for he said sweetly, got being you he kissed my lips and started talking about some football shit so I just portended like I knew everything they were saying

The food soon came and Liam hardly touched his so I thought id be the bigger person and say Liam are you ok, he just ignored me, right Liam if you have a problem with me just say! Well I don't so shut up. Whatever I said sharply and turned and looked at Harry then he whispered don't mind him babes, then out loud he said well here our money for the meal we are gunna go to Olivia's now And get her stuff coz she's moving in with gratuitame tonight, Liam numbed how revolting but we all knew what he said I just stormed outside and inside Harry said Liam stop being a prick to her or I'll... Or you'll what, if you carry on your dead. Harry walked out and we drove to mine to get everything.

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