This is a story where a gorgeous, stunning girl called Jaz gets bullied but is finally noticed by someone until there is an accident does she break... and the question is will he stay....


2. chapter 2

*Jaz P.O.V*

All i heard was voices around me saying all this stuff saying hand me this and this. I was cold and frightend i had no idea what was going on i cant feel anything. Then it all went silent, nothing was said. Someone spoke up "we lost her." I just wanted to shout no you didnt but i couldnt move I felt.........dead.


*Nialls P.O.V*

The doctors came out of the room.

"Niall Horan"

"yep that's me" 

"we are so sorry we did everything we could"

"can i go see her" He nodded as I walked in her room it pained me to see her so lifeless, I went next to her and held her hand. " I am so sorry Jaz this is all my fault.....


*Jaz P.O.V*

I heard Niall talking "is all my fault if only i hadn't let go of that steering wheel you would still be hear if only you could come back to life." I tried all i could i squeezed his hand. I opened my eyes instantly closing them because of the light. When i looked at Niall he didn't look the same he looked different...........


I looked in the mirror which was next to me and looked back at Niall. WHAT I looked back at the mirror to make sure i wasn't hallucinating I wasn't it terrified me......... who is the girl staring back at me.


(Nialls P.O.V)

I saw Jaz look in the mirror she looked terrified. "Jaz are you okay" "To be honest no I am not my whole face has been rearranged......please tell me what am i meant to do."  "I..I..I..I don't know Jaz" She started breaking down, there was nothing i could do. she started to speak up "well then new face, new me if i have changed my appearance then i am going to change my personality" "Jaz lo.." "No niall I have to do this." "Fine okay"


*six weeks later*

(Jazs P.O.V)

I was finally let out of the hospital. Niall drove me home only to find that my parents weren't there. Oh great a nice night home alone not. I finally got over that i had to change well not completely ok not at all. But come on I'm not going to get over it that quickly. 


(Nialls P.O.V)

I dropped Jaz off at home. I cant believe i am doing this i need to tell her at some point but i just cant seem to find the right way to say it. I got home only to find a note from my mum and dad. which said they left for a cruise on the Caribbean for six months they know how important this is for me. well some parents.

*next day*

This is it I have to tell Jaz the truth so here it goes.

 (Jazs P.O.V)

There was a knock at the door so like a normal person would do i went and opened it there i saw Niall he said he needed to speak to me and that it was important. "Look Jaz there is no other way to say this but.........

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