truth or dirty dare

Kara and her guy friends Louis, Zayn, Harry, Niall, and Liam are spending summer together Kara and Niall birthday are coming up after there big party that Kara and Niall shared Kara decide to play a game with the boys that have dirty rules...


9. where are you

I woke up no one was home just me I thought maybe Liam went  out.  So I was all alone I went home I guess he knows .I can't believe this happen I really  wanted to cry again. I was in my bed room I took off my clothes and shoes and change into my pajamas.  What am I going to do.said Kara I ran down stairs isaw my phone I check my history I got a lot calls I missed. I ran up to my room and got changed into a dress and went out . My phone was dead so I leftt it home.  I went for a walk  when I came up to my friend house I knocked on her door when I saw he was there.



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