truth or dirty dare

Kara and her guy friends Louis, Zayn, Harry, Niall, and Liam are spending summer together Kara and Niall birthday are coming up after there big party that Kara and Niall shared Kara decide to play a game with the boys that have dirty rules...


8. scared

Today when I woke up I was so scaerd about see the boys I wanted to see them but I was scared if they remember anything from yesterday night I got dressed in a pink varsity jacket. I wa a so nervous getting in my car . Once arrived at Liam flat I was the main to apologize to him . So I oopened the door with a key.  I stepped in Liam was laying down on the couch asleep I went in the kitchen .I thought about stuff so I went in the guess room and just took a short nap I woke up

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