truth or dirty dare

Kara and her guy friends Louis, Zayn, Harry, Niall, and Liam are spending summer together Kara and Niall birthday are coming up after there big party that Kara and Niall shared Kara decide to play a game with the boys that have dirty rules...


7. Hello

Oh no Kansas what if I had you know with you know who.said Kara Kara, Kay  was drunk but I didn't get drunk so I know what happen you played truth or dirty dare once everyone left the party I was in the kitchen texting Kay I saw go in a room with Liam oh god . said Kara but Liam like my best friend do you think he remembers . said Kara probably not.said Kansas okay well I'm going to see the boys tomorrow . said Kara now I remember we were playing truth or dirty dare if you pick a truth one piece of clothing off. I got scared but I don't think I remember correctly.  I tried going to sleep but I couldn't. 


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