truth or dirty dare

Kara and her guy friends Louis, Zayn, Harry, Niall, and Liam are spending summer together Kara and Niall birthday are coming up after there big party that Kara and Niall shared Kara decide to play a game with the boys that have dirty rules...


3. Eww

Evan that disgusting .said Kara well thats how you have kids .said Evan Eww.said Kara I read your diary inside was dirty fan fiction.said Evan don't tell me you read it.said Kara I read the whole fan fiction.said Evan you are weird . said Kara and so are you Kara.said Evan so are you going back to the army.said Kara yeah . said Evan okay well I'm going to visit the boys.said Kara well I'm tired I'm going to bed .said Evan what to wear a cute top and skirt .I hate the boys for scaring me.i got in my car and drove to Liam flat cause I was sleeping there.i knock on the door and Liam open the door . That was quick.said Kara  I noticed none of the boys were here.  Liam where are the boys .said Kara they will be here . said Liam okay.said Kara I went in the living room and watch TV I accidentally fell asleep on the couch. I woke up in a bed I got up and went to the living room.  Why was in bed . said Kara cause you fell asleep on the couch and I moved you into my room and this fell on the floor the boys read it.said Liam omg it's my diary.  I'm so frozen right now . Um ...I ...well.. I only wrote that when I was 18 cause I thought about it .said Kara and I said that as quickly as possible and went in my car I didn't cry I was scared. I went home and fell asleep in my bat girl pajamas .


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