truth or dirty dare

Kara and her guy friends Louis, Zayn, Harry, Niall, and Liam are spending summer together Kara and Niall birthday are coming up after there big party that Kara and Niall shared Kara decide to play a game with the boys that have dirty rules...


4. awkward

Kara pov:I woke up and want to die because the boys read my dirty fan fiction about them I was young and stupid plus it was before I met the boys so it's technically that I'm still a fan I always have when I turned 18 I started writing the fan fiction in my diary now I'm 19 and having dirty dreams about it don't ask.i screamed in my pillow and my brother came in my room . They saw the diary .said Evan yeah .I said with my head in my pillow. I went out my room and layed down in the kitchen floor.  What are you doing.said Evan I'm trying to think . said Kara you are the weirdest sister ever .said Evan I closed my eyes thinking about something.  Hey birthday girl you know you have go shopping to get a dress for the party Tonight.said Evan my eyes open and they were dilated when heard those words party and tonight . Crap bye Evan I got to go .said Kara Kara you forgetting something.said Evan I saw I was still in my pajamas I ran up stairs and got changed and headed to the mall very quick.  I headed inside I heard a girl scream I saw someone in the mall and I didn't want to see them I saw paul with boys I headed to Victoria secret to buy a new well you don't need to Know I ran into someone once I left I couldn't see because my contacts fell out I put on my glasses and I saw it was a boy . Sorry.i said as helping him up oh hi Kara.said the stranger it was Louis that bump into I frowned and headed to buy me a new dress in Macey's  I saw the cutest dress ever I bought I ran past the boys and left wearing my horrible glasses that makes me look like a nerd. I got so scared to talk to the boys tonight I thought I was going to throw up but luckily I didn't.  It is September 13 which is my birthday and Niall too. I went to get some rest knowing tonight I'll be drunk and hoping the boys will take me home . I got changed and went to sleep.  I fell asleep on the couch wearing my varsity jacket . I was so tired.


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