Are You Still Sure We're Family?!?

When Cierra moved to Ireland she moved next to one of her idols Niall Horan but what will happen when she gets to close to him and she gets hurt and he leaves?

Btw if you read this then I changed the age to 18 not 12



Hi my names Cierra and I love One Direction they are my idols. I'm 18 years old an have Hazel eyes and Brown hair. I'm tall and skinny but not too skinny. So right now I'm packing my bags cause me and my mom are moving to Ireland. My dad left when I was just a little girl and I've been better with out him since he cheated in my mother. So when me and mom got down packing we put our stuff in the car and went off to the airport. Once we got to the airport we had to wait inline to get on the plane. Once we were on the plane i was kinda scared because I never got on a plane in my whole life so I sat in the outside while my mom sat by the window. When we finally landed I was asleep, I don't know how but I was. I don't know where my mom was but I got into a taxi and left. I'm 18 years old and I can do whatever I want but then when my mom texted me my free self became trapped again. This is what she said "Honey where are you I've been searching all over for you and if you don't reply I'm calling the cops ad having them look for you. Xx Mom" and all I said was " I'm fine mom I at the hotel and I was getting bored searching for you to get back so I go into a taxi and left love you mom bye xx Cierra :)" she just replied with a "k". That "k" pretty much means she's on her way as fast as she can.

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