Are You Still Sure We're Family?!?

When Cierra moved to Ireland she moved next to one of her idols Niall Horan but what will happen when she gets to close to him and she gets hurt and he leaves?

Btw if you read this then I changed the age to 18 not 12


2. Bumping into someone cute?!

When I was walking to the swimming pool in nothing but a towel and a bikini under my towel. I bumped into a blue eyed guy with sea blue eyes.(Niall) "Urm sorry" he said oh it's okay I'm fine I was just going to swim. I shouldn't of said that. Well I'm Niall Horan. Y y your in One Direction!!! I screamed. Shhh he said lowly as we walked into a janitors closet. Yeah just please don't tell no one or I'm gonna have to leave and I really don't want to cause I'm making old memories. Huh memories? Yeah you don't remember me cece? Wait I used to live across from you and we used to be best-friends like family OMG I remember!!!!!

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