Bleeding Hearts - draft - first chapter

Chloe - age 16 - moves away from the cold rainy streets of London to New York, the city that never sleeps, in attempt of escaping from her aggressive father.
NOT COMPLETE - need feedback!! PLEASE READ!


1. new beginning

Today was finally here. The day that I’ve been dreading for weeks. I knew that I should be at least the slightest bit nervous, starting at a new school and all, but I was sure that nothing bad would happen here. I guess that if I just keep telling myself this that I may start to believe it... who knows. I always try to forget the hurtful expression on my best friend’s face. Emma…


    “Emma! Please, listen,” I call over the raging crowds of the streets of London. I keep searching around over the unfamiliar faces. Her eyes looked with mine for only a split second. It made me want to cry. The amount of hurt that I could see in her eyes, and to think it was all caused by me. She knew that I had to leave, that I had no other choice. It was hard enough having to have the constant reminders of that day. London just reminded me of him too much. “Emma, please don’t run. Wait up, please.” I grab her arm just before she jumps onto one of the over-crowded London buses, and turn her around to face me.

“What are you doing Chloe? Just leave me alone. Okay? I just don’t need this right now...”

“Emma, please don’t do this to me... you know I still want to be friends. It’s just that-”

“Stop. I don’t want to hear it. You know what? Why do you even have to leave just because of one boy? Just. One. Freaking. Boy! I don’t know why you would do this to me. You’re my only friend that I have! What am I supposed to do? Move to a completely different country, just like you?! I thought we were friends... you know what, I think I should go! Bye Chloe!” I just stand still and soak it all up. Was I really leaving just because of one boy? Of course I wasn’t! Right? I mean, surely she knew that there was no other option.

“What? You do realize that this is not just all to do with Cole? I think we all know why this is happening, so stop blaming me for what’s going on. Please... I’ll do anything,”

“Really? Anything? How about you just forget about Cole and just st-”

“Emma you know I can’t stay...”

“Hmm... bye Chloe,” she muttered, narrowing her eyes at me. “Thanks for everything,” I watch her walk away, my body too numb to go after her. One of my only two true friends, the one that was always there for me. Jesus, what am I doing? Wow, I’ve messed up real bad this time. My eyes start to water as I watch her walk away…


  “I made you waffles,” It was my mum that snapped me back to reality. Reminding me of where I am.

 “Oh, um thanks,” I mumbled. Since we moved out of England to New York, my relationship with my mother hasn’t been at its best.

“Chloe, listen. I know that this is quite stressful for you but we all know there wasn’t another choice. Don’t worry honey. Emma will be fine.” Easy for you to say. I let my mind wander back to my not-so-easy, complicated sad old life. I miss Cole so much... I hope my father gets what’s coming for him.

“Helloooooo? Is there anyone there?” Oh. I didn’t notice my mother’s best friend’s son enter the room. Jasper Morris. When we were younger we used to be such good friends and were inseparable. But the relationship slowly started to break away when he moved to America.

“Oh... sorry,” I mumble trying to hide the sudden wave of embarrassment that threatened to make me blush. I don’t know how but jasper always caused this effect.

“No need. So hey, I was wondering if you wanted a lift, it being your first day and all,” he asked, a small smirk playing at the corners of him mouth. Oh God, I can feel the blush filling my face, again. I groan and turn away from his knowing smirk. It had only been five months since my mother had married Jonathan and two months of living in the busy streets of New York. Just like my mother, Jon had one child, Sam, and now, we were all forced to be a family. I mean, Sam isn’t all that bad but can be somewhat annoying. I don’t blame him though I guess, he is twelve. I missed Emma more than anything lately, but the thing that kept poking me was my father. It’s not as if I missed my father in the slightest. Never again would I ever want to see that man! Never in my life shall I forgive him for what he has done, and I’ll never stop blaming myself. I’m surprised he got off one of the worst crimes my family has committed. How was this possible? I give up trying to figure it out and take a look around me. My new life. My new family. My new home. Who new life could change so drastically? I decide that I’ve had enough of being in the house.

“I’m going,” I call over to let everyone know.

“C’mon Chloe. I insist, I’m going to drive you!” argh! Jasper. Can’t he just leave me alone for two seconds? As soon as we moved here, we had happened to be living on the same street as Jasper. It’s quite strange actually, how we used to be the best of friends and all... Used to be...

“No, don’t worry. I’ll be fine.” He’s not buying it. I give up and follow jasper towards his Mercedes car, dragging my bag dramatically behind me. If it wasn’t for the fact that practically every girl has to stop and stare at him as if he’s God in flesh, then I probably wouldn’t mind his little favour. But would I really? It’s just that he looks so much like C- no! I’m not going to allow myself to keep thinking of him. I always did this, compare other people to Cole, but Cole is in the past. I need to forget him. If only it were that easy... throughout the whole summer holidays, jasper has been trying his hardest to become friends once again.

“Hey, what’s up with you today sunshine?” What the…? Did he just call me sunshine? I’ve been debating with myself if I should at least try and be friends with jasper, I mean come on. It couldn’t hurt to have at least one friend for now. I guess... I mean, I didn’t promise anything to Cole... Hmm…

“Nothing of your concern,” I say with a smirk tagging along the corners of my mouth. Jasper had been trying to “get to know me better,” and I guess could try my hardest. He really has been trying.

“Finally! You’re smiling!” I turn to face the window as my cheeks start to flush tomato red. Only four people in my life have ever made me feel happy. I probably sound like such a loner right now.


“Mm hmm?” I decide to stretch his little favour ever so slightly.

“Do you mind if, you know... umm... I don’t know... maybe just show me where my first class is?”

“Of course Chloe! If you need anything then just text me,” he’s got this massive grin spread across his face. At least I’m making someone happy for a change. Just the thought brings a smile to my face. Maybe I could try and forget about the past, seeing as we’ve basically moved on. Moving to America is moving on. Right? I mean, it wasn’t as is I had made a promise to Cole to never love again. Right? Maybe I could at least try. Maybe…

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