living two lives

Jess isn't popular at college, she doesn't get much attention from people but when her night life starts, everything changes.


1. My night life

I pulled my suitcase along the corridor, i was moving dorms today, to the other side of the college because i didn't really get along with my room mate..I opened the door and saw a girl my age sat on her bed on her laptop, she looked up and smiled. "You must be jess, right?" i smiled back, she seems nice. "That's right, and you must be?" "oh, sorry I'm jasmine" "nice to meet you" we exchanged smiles once more before i started to unpack my thing's. "So, is there anything i should know about this side of the building, i mean apparently it's very different" "Yes, there's a few bad boy's that starts fights..smokers you know the usual, it's just a little bit louder than the other side of the college that's all" she rolled her eyes and carried on typing away on her laptop. I looked at the hour till i leave, what to do..I walked out of the dorm and walked around the college. A boy was leaning against a wall with a cigarette in his mouth, he had a few tattoo's on his arms and his hair was curly but scraped back. i thought you weren't suppose to smoke in this building..I put my head down as i began to walk past him trying not to bring any attention to myself. "chick" i heard him shout behind me, i ignored him and carried on walking. "OI CHICK" he called again. i turned around and found him looking at me. "Are you speaking to me?" i cocked an eyebrow making him smirk. "Yes, who else would i be talking to..anyways, how come i haven't seen you around here before?" i swallowed the lump in my throat before speaking. "I've come from the other side of the college, had to move dorms" he stared up and down my tanned body and bit his lip, i felt really awkward and didn't know what to do. "You are so fucking hot" i looked down and blushed, i'm not use to getting compliments in college, everyone seemed to hate me when i stayed in my other dorm. "Erm, thanks" "but i bet your a virgin" i looked at him wide eyed, he was wrong, i was not a virgin.."how can you tell?" he laughed as i bit my lip. "You seem like such a good girl" he was wrong, everyone was always wrong, I'm made out as a good girl but when it comes to my other life at night, i wasn't such a good girl like they think.."Anyway, see ya later virgin" he laughed and walked off. I stood there awkwardly not knowing what to do. I checked my watch to see i had 15 minutes till i had to leave, jeez that went fast. I walked back to the dorm to find jasmine was gone. I got out my bag and put my work clothes in and grabbed my phone and purse. Sorted.


I walked into the club, music banging through my ear's, people dancing around each other, drinking  and talking. I walked into the back and saw my boss. "Hey mick" "jess, just on time, get changed and get to work, you are here for a little longer tonight, you are my best worker and people love you so no complaints okay?" i nodded my head and walked into the changing room. I took all of my clothes off and put on some laced thongs and a laced bra to match, i put on some black stockings too and applied more makeup than usual and let my hair fall to it's natural messy waves making myself a little sexier. I looked at my reflection and smiled. Once i was pleased with my looks i walked out to the little square stage with the pole on and started grinding up and down the pole getting a lot of cheers and scream's. I wrapped both of my legs around the pole as i moved up the pole and let my hands go so i was swinging upside down. i grabbed on to the pole and unwrapped my legs as i carried on dancing against the pole. There's advantages of this job..i get paid loads, but the disadvantages have to be the men, they do get over the top most of the time. I heard someone whistling really loud and heard cheers.

Once my work was finished i walked off the stage and walked towards the bar, i definitely needed a drink. "Jess, don't you need to get changed?" David smirked. "Yes but one drink won't hurt" he passed me a vodka and coke just as i liked it and i chugged it in a second, it burned its way down my throat making me cough a little. "FUCKING HELL" i heard a shout. I turned behind me and my eyes widened. "Your a pole dancer?" he smirked. fuck fuck was the boy from earlier who called me a good girl and a virgin.. "What are you doing here?!" "i came to have a few drinks" he looked up and down my body making me feel uncomfortable, yes I'm a pole dancer but it's awkward when a boy from my college looks at me like that.."I can't believe this..i was so fucking wrong about you, you aren't a good girl at all" i didn't know what to do..i ran away from him and went to the back of the club where my things were, once i was changed i walked back out of the nightclub and back to the college. Now everyone's going to find out my secret, and the worst thing is, they don't even know why i do it, and they can't find out.


I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body, as i walked into the dorm bedroom the same boy who was at the night club yesterday was sat on jasmine's bed. "Jas, why is he here?" i asked surprised. "Oh he came to college some work, I'm partners with him for biology unfortunately" she rolled her eyes. "be back in a minute" she smiled and walked out of the dorm. "How come i always see you with hardly any clothes on now?" i must be lucky" he smirked. I rolled my eyes and grabbed some fresh clothes. "I must say, you look better dancing on a pole" he laughed. i ignored his comment. "I'm harry by the way, harry styles" well at least i know his name now. "I'm jess" "Do you have a different name when your a pole dancer?" that's it. "Can you shut the fuck up about last night for god sake harry, you don't know me and i want to keep it that way so i suggest you keep your fucking mouth shut" i spat. His eyes turned dark and he stood up and walked toward's me. "Now, you don't know me either, so don't talk to me like that again, okay doll?" "and what if i do?.." he put his hands on the wall behind me and whispered down to my ear. "Let's just say, your little secret will be out" his breath tickled against my cheek making me shiver. He placed one of his hands on my hip and left a trail of kisses down my neck, unfortunately that was my soft spot so it made me release a small moan. he looked at me and smirked. "See you around babe" he winked and walked out of the dorm. great, fucking great, i need to phone my step dad..he is NOT going to be happy, and i hate it when he's not happy..






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