Painful Regrets

Avery Madison has made some mistakes in her life, but mistakes are something everyone makes, and well everyone learns from them. What happened when she has a chance to fix her regrets? But by loving the guy she wants, she will lose her best friend. Her past is filled with darkness and regrets, regrets she now has to overcome.


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Ryan POV:

My eyes stare at my beautiful love Avery crying. My heart pounds as all I want to do, are wrapping her with my arms, and comfort her. But I know, now is not the best time. Avery was beautiful, with long black hair, and dark brown eyes, which were trickling with tears. She was kneeling against the tombstone, and clenching her wrist. She was crying painfully, her voice full of pain and sadness.

"I'm so sorry Caine, that I couldn't keep your promise." Avery cries painfully.

I watch her, like a stranger. I have been watching Avery, for so long now. I know she has a gay best friend called Trey, who I see, mostly everyday with her. But today, Trey is not with her. I have never been loved, parents who hated me, wished I wasn't born, thrown me out, when I turned sixteen, one brother Louis, who was too good for me. No friends to play with, to hand with. My parents then got divorced, they gradually split up. Mum, came around the house with odd guys, who would only come with mum for a few days. Then a new man would come, I would ask mum, what happened to the old man. But mum would say, that she didn't love her, and that he was gone forever. Dad didn't really help by marrying a lady, who was the same age as me. It was scary, even home didn't feel like home. I remember the lonely Christmas, and birthdays. Where, I would get my hope up, that I would be loved, and that I would get a present. I didn't even get a happy birthday, or happy Christmas. I was abandoned, and left alone. Do you know how much that hurts? I would watch children skipping merrily with there parents, and getting presents and love, and I would be so jealous. Wondering, why didn't I get a life as good as there is. It wasn't fair, and I hated it. The kids in school; bullied me, kicked me, tormented me for fun, and I was alone.

Louis, my younger brother, got everything I didn't. He would get happy birthday, presents, love. My parents loved him, everybody did. They would take one look at his handsome face, and then they would just fall in love with him. Boys, all wanted to be my brothers friends, he had so many, and was popular. I had none. It didn't help, knowing all the girls had a massive crush on him. They all thought he was a god, and adored him. But nobody even paid any attention to me. It was not fair.

I run downstairs, its Christmas. A massive grin forms on my face, maybe this Christmas would be different. I run downstairs; presents reside under the Christmas tree. I run off, and see all the lovely presents, dressed with sparkling gift papers, and bows. I then notice all of them had Louis. My little brother Louis, runs in, and starts opening presents.

"Happy Christmas Louis." my parents say merrily.

"Mummy, what about me?" I cry.

"Go away Ryan. We don't want you, you're ruining Christmas. Get lost, go and die. Stupid brat." my parents chorus.

"Yeah, go get lost and die. Stupid brat." Louis copies, smiling.

I cry in pain upstairs, to my room, and slam the door. Nobody wanted me.

It had hurt so much, knowing I was worthless, and not wanted. Everyday was the same. Nobody wanted me, and yet everybody wanted Louis. What made him more special then me? I hear my phone buzz, and switch it on. I see Louis has been ringing me. Now, what did he want? He couldn't destroy me anymore.

"What, is it Louis?" I ask, feeling irritated.

"Where are you, come home?" my brother orders.

I had enough of everyone telling me what to do. I switch off my phone. I guess Louis just had to wait.


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