Painful Regrets

Avery Madison has made some mistakes in her life, but mistakes are something everyone makes, and well everyone learns from them. What happened when she has a chance to fix her regrets? But by loving the guy she wants, she will lose her best friend. Her past is filled with darkness and regrets, regrets she now has to overcome.


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Avery POV:

I run, tears threaten to trickle down my face. My heart pounds rapidly, and beads of sweat trickle down my face, as I run to the cemetery. I slam the door loudly behind me. The cemetery; a place which would scare normal people. But not me, it felt like a second home. A place where I could talk to my little brother. My brother Caine. With his spiky black hair, and dark brown eyes. He was just fifteen years old, when he was taken away from me. I was two years older than him, at the age of seventeen. It hurt me everyday, knowing that Caine would never become the same age I am, he would never get to drive a car that he would never graduate, or get married. That he would be forever fifteen, and it was all my fault, he was dead. If only I had agreed to that stupid Ryan, Louis brother, then Caine wouldn't be dead. Ryan told me that he wanted one thing, he wanted me to spend twenty four hours with him, and I said no, because I didn't want too, and I was scared. So, he took my brother. My baby brother. I made a promise to him; that I would protect him, and I failed. I can still remember it now; the promise, his death.

"Avery. I'm scared. Am I going to die?" Caine asks me, his voice trembling with fear.

"No, you're not Caine. I will protect you." I tell Caine.

"Then make me a promise." Caine insists, his hand reaching for mine.

"I promise Caine, that I will protect you." I promise Caine, holding his fragile hands in him.

I made a promise to him, and I failed him. Tears fall down gently on my face, and I hold myself tightly, feeling so fragile, like I would break.

"Help me Avery!" Caine cries, as the fire burns.

At first the smoke was all that filled my view, then a bright glint of orange. The fire screamed and I had to hold back a sob of my own as i watched the house up in flames. The fires erupt in violent flames, and I could hear my brother wailing screams. I tried to move, but Ryan had tied me up, he grasped my head, as I closed my eyes. He slaps me painfully, causing me to cry, as he makes me watch my brother dying.

"Please let him go. I beg you, please. I will do anything. Please." I cry in pain.

"You're too late Avery. Now, his death will be in your hands." Ryan cackles like a witch.

"Nooooooo!" I scream in pain and anger.

"Help me Avery! It hurts." my brother yells.

"Caine." I cry out loud, trying to break free, wanting to burn in the house with my brother.

I walk over to the gravestones, its brand new, only a couple of weeks old. It has only been three weeks, since my brother death. Nobody knows; not Niall, or Trey. It was too unbearable pain, and I was just feeling alone. The wind howls menacingly, and the trees dance sinisterly. My eyes look at the grave stone.

Caine Andrew


A boy who had so much for him, a life cut short. May the angels protect him.

Lives on by his sister Avery Madison.

I collapse on the floor, and sob hysterically. I'm so sorry Caine.

"I'm so sorry Caine, that I couldn't keep your promise." I cry painfully.

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