Painful Regrets

Avery Madison has made some mistakes in her life, but mistakes are something everyone makes, and well everyone learns from them. What happened when she has a chance to fix her regrets? But by loving the guy she wants, she will lose her best friend. Her past is filled with darkness and regrets, regrets she now has to overcome.


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Trey P.O.V:

Me, and Avery we have been best friends since forever. We have always been so close. I remember, in primary school. When I first met her.

My first day on nursery, no big deal. I bite my lip nervously, as fear trembles over me, as I feel scared. I want my mummy, all these days I have been with my mummy. But mummy told me, that today I had to go by myself, also mummy was busy. I walk inside, where a loud burly guy walks over to me. His hair dark brown, and his eyes a unusual colour of white and yellow. He runs over to me, and then stares at me.

"I'm Basher, and this is my school!" the boy exclaims loudly.

"I'm Trey" I introduce quietly.

"I don't like you, and you speak funny. Also you're short, like a dwarf." the boy laughs towering over me.

"Leave me alone." I mumble.

"What did you say?" he shouts at me angrily.

"I think he said leave him alone." a guy voice orders.

I turn around to see a beautiful girl, with lovely black hair in waves, and dark brown eyes. Her hand rests on her hips, and she stares at Basher with power.

"You don't know what you're messing into girl." Basher laughs.

"You don't know either, jerk. I hate bullies." the girl says, punching Basher in the nose, and then grabbing my hand, and pulling me. I turn to see Basher crying, blood spurting in his nose. I look at the girl; even though she just hit the boy. She doesn't scare me; she makes me feel happy, like I'm alone.

"Avery Madison." the girl introduces.

"Trey Chance." I introduce back.

"Well Trey, I think we're going to be best friends.” Avery tells me.

Which is what we were? From that day forward, I had always been very close with Avery, we and Avery have been as close as glue. We were like two parts to the same person. I understood her, and she understood me, even more then my parents did. She was special, and she was my best friend. Even when I was gay, and even my parents threw me out. Avery just shrugged it off, telling me that she has always wanted a gay best friend, and that we could go guy looking together. It made me so happy, to know that she understood, and she did not care that I was gay. Avery was my whole world, and now I did not want to see her upset, because of my life in danger. Avery meant my whole world, and she was my happiness.

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