Painful Regrets

Avery Madison has made some mistakes in her life, but mistakes are something everyone makes, and well everyone learns from them. What happened when she has a chance to fix her regrets? But by loving the guy she wants, she will lose her best friend. Her past is filled with darkness and regrets, regrets she now has to overcome.


2. Chapter 2


Chapter 2

Niall POV:

I watch Avery back mouth our teacher, surprising everyone. Especially me, when did Avery change? She used to be so different. But did I know Avery as much as I thought I did. I watch our teacher Mr. Muddle mouth go wide open, as he looks at us speechless, wondering what to say next. It surprises me that Avery would have said that, and I would not believe if anybody had told me. But I saw it with my own eyes. Avery has changed, so much I barely can recognize her. She used to be so; bubbly, kind, caring, sweet. My beautiful princess, but I guess she is not my princess before. She broke my heart, she destroyed everything. She hurt me, the one person I gave my trust and love to, and they break it. Tears brim in my eyes, and I hastily wipe it away. I was strong; I would not let Avery hut me anymore. Avery is beautiful, just like she always has been. Long black hair that rest in waves, lovely dark brown eyes, that used to look at me with love, a delicate heart shaped face. Skin, a deep shade of brown. I watch Trey, Avery best friend get his bag, and walk off with her in a hurry. Avery and Trey, they seem like a couple to me. But I knew I was wrong, they were close. I wonder; if Trey was the reason we broke up.

"I'm sorry Niall. It's not you. It's me. I just can't love you enough. You’re a wonderful handsome lovely guy Niall. It's not your fault. You're so much better than I deserve. I have to break up with you. Please don't cry Niall. I love you, but not in that way. We can still be friends." Avery told me, her voice breaking as she holds back tears which threaten to come out.

The bell rings, and I stand up. I rush out in a hurry, out of the classroom.

"Niall!" a girl voice screams at me in a high pitch.

I turn my head, knowing that voice could only belong to one person. Sasha. She was beautiful; with honey blonde hair, and brown eyes. She was tall, with long legs, and a lovely figure. But, she was a cheer leader, who had a mad crush on me, and she was kind of the school slut. Her love history; was long enough to fill a book, and she had gone out with almost every guy in the school. Except me, and a few others, and guess what. I was now on her list. Her eyes spot on me, like a hunter and its prey. She skips towards me merrily, and hangs her long arm around my neck. She was nowhere as beautiful as Avery. Sasha was loud, noisy, glamorous, and popular. The opposite to Avery. I had told Sasha, so many times. That I did not like her, but she was like a puppy without a leash, adorable but attachable. She know follows me everywhere.

"Hi Sasha." I reply to her.

Sasha claws her fingernails onto me, as she purrs into my ear, her voice thrilling but scary.

"Let me go Sasha." I tell Sasha, trying to shove her away.

"I love you Niall, I won't leave you." Sasha tells me, grabbing me tighter.

I hear someone gasp, and my head turns to see Avery looking at me, her face confronted with pain and misery. I want to let Sasha go, and run back to Avery. But Avery hurt me, and now I would hurt her. I grabbed Sasha, and kissed her passionately, but all I was thinking of was Avery.

Avery POV:

I gasp, as I see Niall and Sasha so close together. Niall eyes look at me, as he kisses Sasha. Tears dare to tremble. He hurt me, and all I ever wanted to do was protect him. I run out angrily, all I wanted to do was go to the one place. The cemetery.

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