Will you love me?

Jenny has a crush on Niall Horan, a member of the band One Direction! Her biggest dream is to go on one of their concerts. One day her best friend Liesbet gave her two tickets for a 1D concert. She and her twinsister Jessy went to the concert and they met the boys BACKSTAGE! As Niall saw Jenny he couldn´t get his eyes off of her.... But there is a huge distance between their ages! Will they fall in love or isn´t there a happyend this time?


20. 20. Next day, next problem?

It was 8am already and Niall still layed next to me with his eyes closed and his arm resting around me. I slowly put his arm at the side and went to the bathroom. I made myself ready to go and wrote a little note for Niall: `I´m over at Jessy if you wanna know. Be back in a while. Love, Jenny`. I took my phone and went over to Jessy´s room. Carefully I knocked at the door. "Who´s there?",Jessy asked. "It´s me, Jenny", I answered, "may I come in?". Before she could answere I opened the door and went in. "How did you sleep?", she asked me with a smirk. I simply smiled widely. "So it was a good night?", Jessy looked at me and chuckled a bit at my face. "It was amazing", I said, "He was so nice and gentle and warm! It was cozy and we cuddled till we fell asleep. As I woke up we still layed like the night before". Jessy chuckled and turned the TV on. I giggled and looked up at it. ´Has Niall Horan a girlfriend?´. I heard from the TV. Jessy looked shocked at me and when right back to the screen. `We saw One Direction member Niall Horan yesterday with a girl before one of his concerts in front of the stadium. She was there with another girl and Niall´s band mate Harry Styles. What´s going on is the question everyone wants to be answered. As the girls hood fall off of her head we could make some pictures`. They showed a picture of me with the caption `mysterios girl`. My mouth widened. I started listening to the TV again. `So you can see that it´s not someone popular we know from the media. Is she just a fan or is she more? Her friend kept on her hood so we don´t know how she does look like. But as the hood of the over one sliped off, Niall tried to hide her face. Would he do that to a fan? We´ll tell you more about that topic at 12. Now the weather`. Jessy and I looked at eatch other in dissbelive. And just at the report ended Harry stormed in with Zayn and Liam behind him. "Did you saw the report?", Zayn asked and looked at us. Jessy and I nodded still shocked and surprised. "What shall I do now?", I asked. Liam took me in his arms and said: "It´s ok. I mean you are a couple now. Niall wouldn´t kept it a secret anyways. If he loves someone when he wants to tell it the world and he loves you since he first saw you". I smiled though a tear rolls down my cheek. "Yeah, maybe you´re right", I said, "I mean I´d support that but now the media talkes about this and if Niall would agree and say that I´m his girlfriend, when everyone would think he says that because of the media. Also my mum don´t know nothing about our relationship! Niall and me are just a couple since a day! It´s too fast for me!". All of a sudden Niall came in with Louis on his side. "Does that mean you wanna break up?", Niall asked worried, "And that just after a day?". I took his hands and shook my head. "No of corse not", I explained, "But I don´t want that everyone knows it before my family and friends know it". "So what should we do now?", Louis said, "Should we take it hidden or should we tell everyone that you´re a couple?".

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