Will you love me?

Jenny has a crush on Niall Horan, a member of the band One Direction! Her biggest dream is to go on one of their concerts. One day her best friend Liesbet gave her two tickets for a 1D concert. She and her twinsister Jessy went to the concert and they met the boys BACKSTAGE! As Niall saw Jenny he couldn´t get his eyes off of her.... But there is a huge distance between their ages! Will they fall in love or isn´t there a happyend this time?


18. 18. Rude paparazis

Both of us went to Jessy and the other boys. We smiled widely and hold eatch others hand. They looked at us as Louis asked: "Did you tell her?". Niall looked at me, then to Louis and nodded. "So you´re together now?", Harry asked. I giggled and Niall pulled me closer to him. "Congratiolation!", Louis said and hugged me. Then he pulled me up and said: "So you´ll be with us more often!". I giggled and nodded as he pulled me down. Jessy didn´t say anything. She just stood there smiling and looking at Niall and me. "So, what do you think about it?", I asked her. She still smiled at me, nothing saying. I looked at her a while. "Ok Niall we have to go to the car now", Harry said, "We´ll send you a car later so you can come to our hotel ok?", he said to me and I nodded. As they were away Jessy jumped at me from behind. "I told you he´d like you!", she shouted, "I fucking damn told you!". She jumped up and down and shook me. I started giggling and laughed then really hard. "Yeah, you told me", I said. "Who´s the best?", Jessy asked and smirked. I laughed: "You, you´re the best". We waited for the car. A blue one arrived and Paul got out. He walked over to us and said friendly: "Ok girls. Please, hide your faces again because of the paparazis. And don´t worry. I´ll protect you". We put on our hoods again and walked quickly to the car. A lot of paparazis took pictures of Jessy and me. Finaly we arrived the car and got in. As Jessy wanted to put down her hood Paul said: "No! Don´t put it down till I tell you to!". She put it back and looked at the ground. Paul looked out of the window for a while. "Ok....now you can put down your hoods", he said. We put them down and looked at eatch other. "Oh your hair!", Jessy laughed at me, "It´s a mess!". I quickly stroke over my head. A smile formed on my lips. "When will we arrive the hotel Paul?", I asked and he looked around. "We´re almost there", he said and smiled at us. Jessy rummaged in her back and searched her phone. "There it is", she said, "I´ll call mum ok?". I looked at her. "And what are you gonna tell her?", I asked. "I don´t really know", Jessy said, "Maybe just  what happened and that we´re ok and such stuff". I felt myself blushing a bit: "Please, don´t tell her about Niall and me ok. I don´t want her to know about it now. Maybe I´ll tell her later". Jessy looked a bit confused but nodded and mumbled an ´ok´. The car arrived in front of the hotel. "Well, here we are", Paul said, "And girls please...", "Let me guess", I said smiling, "Shall we hide our faces under our hoods?". Paul smiled and nodded. We got out of the car and rushed over to the entrance of the hotel as a paparazi jumped right in front of me. I was shocked by him and made a little jump. In that moment my hood slipped from my head and Paul quickly put it back. Another paparazi tried to put Jessy´s hood down,too. Luckily he didn´t make it and Paul could scare him away. Jessy ran over to me. Now we stood in the hotel and waited for Paul who shouted at the paparazi to scare them away. He came in and gave us the cards for the hotelroom. "The boys are waiting for you in room number 21", he said. We thanked him and went to the elevator to search the room.

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