Will you love me?

Jenny has a crush on Niall Horan, a member of the band One Direction! Her biggest dream is to go on one of their concerts. One day her best friend Liesbet gave her two tickets for a 1D concert. She and her twinsister Jessy went to the concert and they met the boys BACKSTAGE! As Niall saw Jenny he couldn´t get his eyes off of her.... But there is a huge distance between their ages! Will they fall in love or isn´t there a happyend this time?


15. 15. Back home

We saw our mother standing at the trainstation. "Ahh, you´re back!", she said, "How was the concert? Did you see something special? Oh, what´s about the autographs you wanted?". I rolled my eyes and huged her. "Yeah, I missed you too mommy", I mumbled. Jessy huged her too and said: "It´s nice to be back home, I mean at our place". Still no answer for her questions. "Well, let´s get into the car and drive home", I said, "There we´ll tell you everything". As we arived the rest of our family stood in front of our house. "How was it?", our father asked, "Was it nice?". Jessy and I nodded. They saw that we was tired and that we wanted to get some rest so they dicied to don´t ask questions again. I went in my room and checked my phone. A new message! I hoped that it was some news from Niall but it was just a text from one of my other friends Judy. We´ve got alot in common! For example our love for animals or for english. `Hey Jenny :) Are you back? I hope so!:) Please, text me back when you see that xx´. I really love her so I texted her back: `Hiii :) Yeah, I´m back. I´m chillin in bed and just text you. Did Eilleen tell you about the boys? You know who I mean, don`t you?´. After a while I got a text back: ´Uhm, no she didn´t :(  who do you mean?`. I was a bit confused because Eilleen usally tells Judy everything. `I met One Direction after the concert because something hit my head. Jessy and I stayed there in town to see more of the town and Niall and me went out for dinner :) We also played football all together. They´re actually really good! ;D Maybe we can meet them one day again. I´ve got Niall´s number and in the train I sent him my twitter`. It was like the whole three days went throgh my mind like a film. Everything passed so fast! I did know that I´d miss the boys, most of all Niall but that it´s so strong I didn´t thought. I just wanted to hug him one more time and say him how good it feels to spend time with him. Well, yeah, I liked him the whole time before I met him too! But as I did spend time with him it was like the world stoped, like the time was frozen. I just wanted to have this feeling again.

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