Will you love me?

Jenny has a crush on Niall Horan, a member of the band One Direction! Her biggest dream is to go on one of their concerts. One day her best friend Liesbet gave her two tickets for a 1D concert. She and her twinsister Jessy went to the concert and they met the boys BACKSTAGE! As Niall saw Jenny he couldn´t get his eyes off of her.... But there is a huge distance between their ages! Will they fall in love or isn´t there a happyend this time?


13. 13. Meeting the boys

I was a bit sad that we had to go home the next day. I ignored Jessy till she shouted at me: "Jenny! We have to go now! Or do you wanna be late, again?". I jumped up from bed and took my bag. I walked out of the room and went to the stairs. I waited for Jessy and we walked upstairs. "He must be here in 5 minutes", Jessy told me as she looked at her watch. A black car came and Niall looked out. "Jump in!", he said smirking. I smiled back and we got in the car. "What do you think?", Jessy whispered to me, "Where will we meet them?"."Maybe in another mot el", I whispered back. "You´re wrong Jenny", Niall said smiling at me. I blushed and smiled at myself. "We arived", Niall said .We got out of the car and looked around. "We´re at a.... footballstation!", Jessy said happily. "Yeah, you like playing football?", Niall asked her. She nodded. "Well, that´s good", someone said behind us. It was Louis. "Cause today it´s all our´s". "Oh, hi", I said. "Well, you must be Jenny", Louis said, "So you´re Jessy, her sister". He looked at Jessy. "You wanna see the other boys?". We nodded. Niall showed us where to go. As we walked in the station Liam, Harry and Zayn stood there in trikots and waited for us. "Hi, guys. That are Jenny and her sister Jessy", Niall said and pointed at us."Hi, nice to meet you", Harry said and shoke our hands. The other boys smiled and waved over to us. "I´ll Show you where you can change your clothes", Liam said. We followed him and changed. "Ok, I´m ready to play!", Jessy said. I smiled at her and nodded. "Ok, than let´s chose the teams", Zayn said. We decided to take Jessy, Louis and Zayn in a team and Niall, Liam and me in a team. Harry was the judge. "Ok, and...GO!", Harry shouted. Louis got the ball first. He shoot it to Jessy and she made a goal. The boys looked a Little bit surprised at me and I simply nodded. "She´s reall good in football", I said. "But she isn´t better then me", Niall said smiling. We played over two hours. "Ok, I´m done!", I said. "Sorry boys but I can´t play football anymore". The boys smiled. "Well, me too", Zayn said and the boys went for changing. Jessy and I went changing too. After we all was changed the boys said goodbye. "Well, it was a lot fun today, but It´s sad that it´s over now", I said. Niall looked at me. "What!",he said, "Why? I thought that we´ll meet more often...". "It´s not your fault!", I told him, "It´s just that I have to go home and you have to go on tour"."But I´ve got your number", Niall said, "May I call you when I´m near or... just wanna hear your voice?". I smiled and a tear went down my cheek. He stroke it away and huged me. Niall told the boys that he´ll bring us back to the motel and took us there. We huged each other again and said goodbye.

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