between life and death

a normal day in a school turns to something a little more drastic


1. Hatred

~~That day in April seemed like any ordinary day. There were students going to and from the library to finish projects and assignments but that day struck me. I never realised I’d lose some of my closest friends that day. One gunman, a lie and so much hatred. I got to school around seven but something wasn’t right. Tristian wasn’t there when I got into the school car park. I parked the car then slowly got out. When I got onto campus I saw Nathan, he’s so easy to catch up with because he walks so slowly.
“Hey Nathan, have you seen Tristian?” I asked.
“No I haven’t seen him Gabriella” he replied.
“I didn’t see him this morning either” I said as I walked away. Three classes went by; I was in Mrs Morrison’s class; another teacher walked in and talked to Mrs Morrison. We began hearing popping noises but at first we thought it was just no more than a senior prank. The sounds got louder and started to sound like gunshots. Mrs Morrison went to check it out, so the other teacher stayed with us. We heard sudden screaming and began to realise this wasn’t a prank, there wasn’t a history class watching a movie on war.
“Everyone get down” the teacher yelled as we quickly hid under our desks. It felt like hours; the gun shots getting closer and closer from the table I was hiding under. I heard the door getting shot at before the gunman kicked it open. The gunman was Tristian, I was horrified I could not believe it. “Everyone get up!” He yelled but nobody got up. I wanted to so badly but I was afraid it was a trick. “Fine I’ll kill you all anyway!” He yelled again as he started firing bullets at everyone. Bloody screams just filled the room it was all I could hear and I still can now.
He walked next to me; I tried to make sure he didn’t see me. He shot Chase in the head and called him a filthy liar. “well if it isn’t Gabriella Abel” Tristian said as he pointed the gun to my face, I started crying begging him not to kill me. “Please don’t kill us” I begged as I leaned up against the bookshelf.
“its already too late for that. This school is filled with nothing but liars. Give me a reason why I shouldn’t kill you” he replied.
“Ii haven’t lied to you at all” I replied.
“Bull, everyone lies” he said before he shot at the kid next to me. Tristian had shot Amber in the face. “Amber lied about her parents being dead and that I raped her and now she’s the one that’s dead”, he said with so much hatred. I had never seen so much hatred in my life. “please don’t kill anyone else” I begged again trying to get him to put the gun down. He shot Trace in the shoulder and then turned to me. Tristian shot me in the arm and my side, all I could do is scream with the pain it just took over me. “GABRIELLA!” Daughtry screamed as Tristian turned and shot at her. I believe Tristian missed her by a second.
I was lying on my side dying and praying. A few more shots were fired then Tristian stood up on the desk and shot himself in the head. I remember being carried out on a stretcher slowly dying. I realised all of this all of the hatred was over a lie several lies that just all built up over time and crawled into the skin of just one person, a quiet person, no one quite thought he had it in him to do something so extreme.
I thought about it while I lay here in this hospital bed. I would give anything to go back to that day to erase what happened and start all over again. Tristian killed twenty nine people not including himself. I closed my eyes for a moment but all I saw was a bloody rose lying on the floor.
“Its time to move on” Daughty said as she walked away. I woke up before I could follow her. I saw a girl sitting by my hospital bed. She had blue eyes and reddish brown hair. It had to be Daughty.
“Daughty?” I asked when I woke up.
“Yes Gabriella, im here.” Daughty replied as she held my hand. I thanked god for letting my best friend live. Since that day I know what its liked to be surrounded by death. I knew what it was like between life and death watching your own life flash before your eyes.

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