Liam's Sister

I'm Liam Payne's Sister I left to live with my boyfriend for awhile before the Take Me Home Tour well we had a bad break up and Liam offered for me to live with him And the Boys i Agreed and now I'm on my way to my new house!


3. Chapter 3

     I never knew how much I missed Liam and the boys. "I'm going to bed" I say yawning. "Night" The boys chorus. I hug Liam and walk  up to my room and change. I really did miss Liam. I fall asleep thinking about tomorrow. "Lily wake up" Someone says knocking on my door. I groan but get up to take a shower and change. After my shower I change into some high waist shorts and a floral loose shirt. I slip on some vans and blow dry my hair. I leave it like that and head downstairs. Breakfast is on the table and I put eggs and bacon on a plate and start eating. "Lily we have an interview today and your coming on it with us" Liam says. I smile because I have a mouth full of food and he laughs. The boys all eat and get ready and we head for the interview. I see Lou and Lux and I hang out with Lux until its time to go on.

     "Hello guys welcome back and today I have some guests with me... Most of you know them as One Direction" She says and the audience cheers. "Hi" The boys say and I just sit there awkwardly. "Well who is this?" The interview asks looking at me. "This is my younger sister Lily. She is currently staying with us" Liam says smiling. "Hi" I say quietly. The boys laugh and the lady looks confused. "She isn't usually a quiet person" Harry says. During the interview the boys get asked questions and I do too but then finally that was over. "Boys we have to go meet Simon" Liam says after he gets off the phone. Someone drives us to a studio and we walk to Simon's office. We all sit and Simon starts talking. "Boys your tour is in three weeks and you need to be here by seven in the morning to start rehearsing" Simon says and the boys groan about waking up that early. "Lily I'm guessing that you are going with them right?" Simon says and I nod.

      I'M GOING ON TOUR WITH MY BROTHER AND HIS BAND AKA ONE DIRECTION ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS BRITISH BOYBANDS! Okay I'm done. I'm so exited obviously. The boys are looking at me strangely. "Did I say that out loud?" I ask. "The boys nod and burst out laughing. I flick them off and we head home. "I need food" Niall groans and I nod in agreement. While Liam heads out for pizza the boys and I decide to play hide and go seek. "Lou your it" I say and he starts counting. I run up to the guest room and hide in the huge closet behind a ton of clothes. I think there the boys clothes. Most girls would be so jealous. My clothes barely take up my walk in closet and the boys have there closets full and an extra one. That is not right. I hear some yelling but I ignore it. "Lily food is here" Zayn yells. That game was short. I head downstairs to eat food so that we can finish the game.

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