Liam's Sister

I'm Liam Payne's Sister I left to live with my boyfriend for awhile before the Take Me Home Tour well we had a bad break up and Liam offered for me to live with him And the Boys i Agreed and now I'm on my way to my new house!


2. Chapter 2

 Hiiii Guys! There's A new Co-Author and she is.....littlewhitelies13! This Is my first Book with her and i think its going to be a good one! Well Enjoy the chapter! :)


"The Room is Awesome Boys!" I say looking around.

"Glad You like it Lou Helped us with it." Liam Smiles. 

I smile "How is Lou? Oh and Lux!!!" 

"There Doing Great." Niall Answers 

I smile as I keep looking around in my room. I see lots of pictures some of Liam and I. Also there are some of me and the family, and me and the boys. But one catches my eye, It was a picture of Zayn, Louis and I when we were little. We were so close cause we lived next door to eachother and always hung out until we all moved away from each other. It was just like yesterday my mum took this picture...


"Oh Cm'on Guys!" My Mum Says Holding the camera 

"Okay...Just because we all look good together!" Louis says making us all laugh 

We turn around and Look at my mum. We all smile As she snaps the photo, she smiles when she looks at it.

"You guys look so cute together!" My mum squeals

We all laugh as We run and jump back into the pool...


"Lily You Alright?" Liam asks 

I nod as I walk back over to them. 

"Can We Have Food Now!!!!' Niall Moans.

I laugh as the boys roll their eyes. 

"I'll go and get Pizza." Louis says strutting out of the room and down the hall.

We laugh as we go sit down.


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