Dreams Come True

Two friends lived together in a three bedroom flat, in the mists of London. One was named Cyra Blanche - the older, and more mature of the two - and the other was named Emily Hunter, the more childish and care-free. They had been best friends since early on in their lives, as their mums were friends as well. Never went somewhere without the other - truly joined together at the hip. So, what happens when dreams come true and one thing leads to another?


6. The Winner Is...

Emily's P.O.V

Today was the day that Radio 1 were going to announce the winner of the Olly competition, and of course I hadn't stopped listening to the radio for a week. After sending in the video of me singing, along with Cyra dancing hilariously in the background, I was so nervous. I mean, this was the chance for me to meet Olly. My idol. My sunshine. My world.

I slowly climbed out of bed and slipped into my monkey onesie - Cyra had a giraffe one, and we practically lived in these things. I tip-toed out of my room and into Cyra's, noticing she was still asleep. I jumped onto her bed and shouted in her ear.

"WAKE UP! They're announcing the winner of the competition in 20 minutes!" I shrieked with excitement. She opened her bright brown eyes and fluttered her long eyelashes.

"Ok, ok, I'm getting up! I really hope you win Ems!" she replied, giving me an anormous hug. I left her to get dressed while I went back into my room. I changed into my skinny jeans, a daisy shirt and a cardigan. Brushing my long, straight golden blonde hair and applying a lick of mascara, I rushed into the kitchen and turned on the radio. 

"Calling all the Murs Army, we're 5 minutes away from announcing the winner of the competiton, Olly Murs is here in the studio right now! Stay tuned to find out if you've won!" I excitedly screamed. Cyra walked in wearing blue jeans, a black Muse top with a black biker jacket over the top. She laughed at me, as I nearly fell off the stool from excitement.

"Hey, I never knew you loved Muse?" I asked sarcastically, smiling. She smiled back and playfully pushed me. Cyra made us both a drink and we sat at the kitchen table, my eyes fixed on the radio, waiting for Olly to come on...

"And we're back on Radio 1, and we're here with the famous cheeky chappy, Mr Olly Murs!" Scott Mills announced. There was a round of applause and a few cheers before he spoke.

"Thank you very much for having me here, I'm really excited!" Olly said. His voice just made my heart melt. After a few minutes of catching up with eachother, Olly and Scott started talking about the competition.

"So, here on Radio 1 we asked all you Olly fans to either send an email or a video explaining why you love the man himself. We had over 200 entries, but Olly has watched them all and has chosen a winner. Let me just remind you that the person who wins, will get to spend a day with Olly himself! Are you looking forward to this Mr Murs?" Scott asked.

"I'm buzzing for this, Scott! All the entries were amazing, and I'm so lucky to have such amazingly dedicated fans! I love you all so much!" Olly cheekily said.

"Right, so are you ready everyone? Olly, off you go, who is the winner?" Scott questioned. I leaned closer to the radio crossing my fingers with one hand and tightly gripping Cyra's hand with the other. My heart was beating so fast. I whispered to myself over and over again please let it be me...please let it be me...

Then Olly spoke.

"Ok, and the winner is....

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