Dreams Come True

Two friends lived together in a three bedroom flat, in the mists of London. One was named Cyra Blanche - the older, and more mature of the two - and the other was named Emily Hunter, the more childish and care-free. They had been best friends since early on in their lives, as their mums were friends as well. Never went somewhere without the other - truly joined together at the hip. So, what happens when dreams come true and one thing leads to another?


9. Shopping for Clothes

Cyra's P.O.V

Just as we arrived at the doors of the city centre, I already knew what would be our first stop. New Look. Emily would want to buy clothes for her 'meet-up hang-out friendly but not really a date' session with Olly. I glanced at her, to see that she was grinning at me with her sparkling brown eyes. Not having to even exchange words, we walked towards the desired shop. 

When we got to New Look, Emily went straight for the back of the store. It was where all the best clothes were. Any shopper would know that.

"What do you think of these?" Emily asked, already showing me two tops. She draped one after the other across her torso. One was a grey sequin dolphin with a blue background, and the other was a plain red heart on a white background. "Too much or too little?"

"I like the heart one. It shows that your not overly obsessed, but still trying hard," I smiled. She nodded happily in return and popped the dolphin shirt back on the railing. 

I looked over a few outfits, a blue and grey zig-zag jumpsuit catching my eye. It had thin straps, no sleeves and ended three-quarters of the way down my leg. Since summer was only around the corner, and nice weather was already here, I guess I should start buying new clothes.

"Emily?" I called. She came around a rack of clothes, with various clothing items in her hands. "What do you think of this?"

"Fabulous," she smiled, before disappearing again. 

I hung the outfit on my arm as I continued to look around. I picked up two more things - a denim skirt and a checkered blouse - before meeting up with Emily again. This time, she had less items. In one hand was the shirt I had seen before, as well as black disco pants. In the other, was a beige cardigan and grey boots that came up until the knee. It appeared she had gone upstairs.

"All done?" I chuckled.

"In this shop, yes, but I would like to get some accessories as well." Emily told me.

"Okay. How about we pay first, then go?"

"Good idea," she said before rushing off to the counter.

Oh boy. This girl was too excited.

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