Dreams Come True

Two friends lived together in a three bedroom flat, in the mists of London. One was named Cyra Blanche - the older, and more mature of the two - and the other was named Emily Hunter, the more childish and care-free. They had been best friends since early on in their lives, as their mums were friends as well. Never went somewhere without the other - truly joined together at the hip. So, what happens when dreams come true and one thing leads to another?


3. Nando's

Cyra's P.O.V


I giggled at my best friend, her mouth gaped open with excitement. It only took her a few seconds to process the news and squeal, her body jumping up and down in her seat. "Olly's having a competition!" She squealed.

"I heard." I replied back, stifling back my laughter. "Let me guess, you're going to enter?"

"Of course I will!" She gasped. "It would be a crime against my religion with Olly not to. Besides, spending a day with Olly Murs. That would be heaven." Her eyes went all dreamy, swimming with curiosity."I would take him out to dinner, then we would hang out in the bar and have a few drinks. After that we would go back to our flat and mess around like best pally's and..."

I sighed at Emily's obsession with Olly Murs, but smiled at her all the same. As she went on about activities they could do together, my mind drifted over to my idol - Matt Smith. He was so handsome and humorous, not to mention the youngest actor to play the 'Doctor; in 'Doctor Who'. I loved him nearly as much as Emily did with Olly Murs. Posters spread all over my room of him, but nobody could beat Emily. She had tonnes of pictures, and scrap magazine thumbnails of Olly Murs in nearly every space on the wall. 

"..And it would be great!" Emily finished.

"May I remind you, that you haven't even entered yet?" I smirked.

"Oh." Her face fell as the waitress delivered our food. "I will as soon as we get home!" It was amazing how childish she could be at her age - 24. I was only two years older than her, but way more mature. 

"Thanks." I muttered to the waitress, as I stuffed a forkful of chicken into my mouth. It tasted lush with Lemon and Herb marinated into it.  My favorite, along with chips and corn on the cob (not to mention butter on it). I demolished the chicken in under a minute, quickly moving on to the soft, and lovely hot chips. 

if I had a choice, Nando's would be all I ate. Unfortunately, I can't allow myself to eat unhealthy food each day. Must stay fit. 

After we finished our lunch, we paid and tipped the waitress, leaving the restaurant. "Where to now?" I asked.

"Now we go clothes shopping!" Emily grinned, holding up her purse.

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